Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A lackadaisical week and remembering when...

Cleaning up an old bed. Not sure what to do with the rest of the side yard. Like to have mulch up to the house but we're always dragging the hose around that side and that just wouldn't work.
Have 2 of those old 1950's chairs, think maybe I'll clean them up then maybe paint.
Almost threw the chairs out when cleaning a few weeks ago, glad I didn't.
Had the same lawn chairs in our backyard growing up.

This Sealtest Box is from my parents house. Remember having one?
Ok, maybe be you're not that old...:)
In the good old days they used to deliver milk (in glass bottles)to your front door and put the bottles in boxes like this one.

Ok...now a couple of pretties.
Sunny Knockout Rose-Rosa 'RADsunny' (PPAF)
New this Year. Will keep updates on this first Yellow Knockout Rose.

Winky Blue keeps coming back year after year.

The first of a few annuals in a pot.
Have time off this week and lots of pots to fill or not.
Nice taking it easy....Vacation helps.


  1. All looks grand to me, Patsi! Oh yes, Sealtest is best! Growing up, we owned a drugstore with soda/ice cream bar :)

  2. Those metal chairs are back in style now Patsi. I have saw them in catalogs and brochures. I remember them well. I just love your blue columbine. It is so pretty. I wish I could bum some seeds from you.

  3. Spring is progressing nicely your way! I think our milk was Meadowgold. Our box was by our back door. I remember getting into trouble for not remembering to bring it in.

    I'm glad you kept your chairs. I love mine. I even have a broken one in my compost area.

  4. You asked if lovage was like butterfly weed. It is an herb, and some people cook with the stems, and maybe leaves. I don't think it looks much like butterfly weed.

  5. Love those chairs. Glad you're keeping them.
    Have fun on your vaca. Staying home and puttering sounds absolutely fantastic.

  6. Puttering is the best ...... love the chairs..

  7. Those are great old chairs Patsi. Definitely a good thing you didn't throw them out. I have two that I sanded and painted. Funny thing is that they look like I didn't sand them down-a year later. The columbine is so pretty. Such a nice blue. I don't remember the sealtest box but do remember small carriers of glass bottles. Boy were those the days!

  8. Good idea to keep the chairs. Ilike the blue flowers which don't grow here. Have a nice weekend!


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