Friday, May 13, 2011

Apology and Blooms

I apologize for the last 2 days Blogger has been giving me problems.
What happened this time was a DELETED my last post and even on my test page. Also having problems opening other blogs.

Don't get it !

Anyway will try again !

Boursault Rhododendron''Rhododendron c. Boursault'
All my Rhododendrons in the past died because I kept insisting they can handle mostly shady areas. Think this 4 hours of full sun will make a big difference.

Weigela variegated

Unknown Red Azalea


  1. Any help with this blogger problem is welcomed.
    I see two comments from Shady and Lona in my e-mail box. So I will get back to you girls.

  2. Blogger has had big problems since yesterday, Patsi. One of my blogs the current post was deleted by blogger and I had to repost it. The other blog the current post was deleted and then it magically showed up. Both blogs had all of the comments erased. You can read about it on google known issues.

  3. When I had problems, I clicked on the link Blogger had there, and found out what was going on. They had posts in read only on Thursday, then today, had to take off some of the newest posts, saying they would return them as soon as possible.

    I love your blooms!

  4. Anonymous14 May, 2011

    Your photos are pretty of the Rhodies and Azalea, glad you reposted them. WP has been have a lot of problems lately too, the big one was a security issue with private info. Hope this was not Bloggers problem.

  5. Wow! It's looking great at your place. I love the last vignette and the purple of that rhodie.

  6. Dear Patsi, I love the color of your rhododendron. Your garden is looking great. Hopefully, no more problems with Blogger. P. x

  7. I'm glad I missed the blogger issues. Yuck.
    Rhodies are always so pretty. But too finicky for our garden.

  8. Wow love all the bright blossoms.....


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