Thursday, April 28, 2011

New this week

New from DH....yes, every year he can't help himself.
I AM the one who's supposed to pick the plants and shrubs...
BUT he won't listen to me !!!!

This Laurel is by the front door and has a strong scent that's kinda nice.
Schipkaensis Laurel-Prunus laurocerasus 'Schipkaensis'
This is smaller that other Laurels.
And yes it's another evergreen!
Oh ,good pick dear :)

OK...I say pretty weed...he says flower. (Found it's way into his tomato bed).
Got an ID at gardenweb.
Some have called it a yellow rocket or Barbarea vulgaris.
The more I read tells me it's a invasive WEED ! Anyone else recognise it ?


  1. This weed looks like a weed I know as common or wild mustard. I've not heard of of the b. vulgaris but it is surely a bright yellow too. I'd pull it either way right away. The skip laurel looks happy and definitely a good pick by your husband.

  2. LOL! I think he picked a beauty out Patsi. I just posted the same weed flower on my blog. I was trying to figure out if it is wild Mustard or what. I know someone will help us out. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. What is it with husbands and weeds? My husband leaves clumps of spiderwort in the lawn while he blithely mows over the edges of beds where nice perennials grow. The other day he left a huge clump of spiderwort in the lawn while I was cutting them to the ground in a nearby bed.

  4. The flowers look great! That weed looks a little like our komatsuna, maybe is related

  5. Yes that is a weed , he can yank it out! Love the laurel.

  6. LOL, We drove around today so Larry could show me a front yard he likes, and we looked at others, too. I've been noticing there are lots of homes with uncared for bushes and trees, that will never look as good as the flower bed I have in my brain, and partly on graph paper for our front yard, as soon as we get the soil worked.

    I also have some plants that Larry has picked out or requested in the past. He does not plant or care for anything, though. I guess he will water pots a time or two a week. I plan on having fewer pots this year, though.


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