Friday, April 22, 2011

Nelly and Arnold

From the beginning...

One shade bed is getting a makeover.
Just about everything in it like the spreading juniper, azaleas or lace cap hydrangea weren't doing very well...just getting old and less attractive every year and blocking everything in back of it.
Anyway, everything was way too tall and crowded for this small bed.
Also lost that False Cypress tree due to storms... know what? More SUN now !

Seen a Witch Hazel on a couple of blogs I visit and loved it !
So new to this bed is (let's hear the drumroll)...
Arnold Promise Witch Hazel-Hamamelis x interm.'Arnold Promise'
Blooms Late Winter/Early Spring with fragrant yellow flowers.
In the fall the gray-green foliage becomes a bright orange.
The bed gets 2 hours full sun at the edge and 4 hours indirect to the Cypress in the back.
Some old hostas and Irises who had no real home got moved here.

Now, the question is... what else will I put there.
The Witch Hazel will be the only new shrub in this bed and want it to be the center of attention.
Thinking about adding some colorful Coralbells-Heuchera and maybe a few different hostas, also Solomon's seal might work.
In a week or two the nurseries should have all their perennials available.
Can't wait !!!

A closer view of the Witch Hazel. Sure is different from anything already in the garden.

Also moved this Barrenwort to the new bed...was in full shade.
Think it's gonna like it's new home.

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage-NC and Fer at My little garden in Japan gave me some good ideas.
There used to be a 40 ft. tree (in the circled area)lost due to age and last years winter storms.

One of the ideas from Donna and Fer was a Holly tree...see, sometimes I listen !
Nelly Stevens Holly
This tree can grow to 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide. Growth rate in ideal situations is 2 to 3 feet per year. Likes sun/partial shade.
I know I'm cutting it close since this time of year it gets a few hours of full sun (good)then probably will become 4 hours indirect sun when all the neighbors trees fill out.

Always wanted a holly but the American Hollies take so long to grow and I have no patience.
This large over-priced Nelly Stevens that DH just had to buy should work great.
Thanks girls for the advice ! Oh, you too honey.:)

Nelly and Arnold are my latest love!


  1. Loved your back yard is almost all shade as well. Lots of hostas, bleeding heart, columbine and vinca between big lilac trees and Janel maples with a few pines. More creeping myrtle and Oregon grape than I care for so some of that will come out. I plan to put a bunch of choleus in this year to see how it does.

  2. What was I thinking? I meant Virginia creeper, not creeping myrtle...

  3. Dear Patsi, How exciting to rework a bed! You have made some excellent choices. Your bed is going to be more lovely as the seasons pass.

  4. It's a sweet holly and in a perfect spot too. Your new reworked bed looks great. Sadly we have to change things but hey, sometimes it is such a good thing!

  5. You will enjoy your will the birds! Our lot came with a variety of holly's...shrubs, trees, etc...all native and left when the builders built the homes in the '80s. There is a street nearby called Holly Ridge;-) It seems I am frequently ripping things out and adding something new, esp. if it hasn't done anything in years and needs a change. I hope you'll enjoy your new witch sounds like it'll be nice, being a spring bloomer. I just added a winter-blooming witch hazel, the native Hamamelis virginiana, and it really doesn't look like much right now. They say the birds like the fruits though so that should be a plus.

  6. just BTW FYI Fer is short for Fernando ...

  7. All looks grand in your lovely garden, Patsi. Easter blessings!

  8. Patsi Love the witch hazel and think your holly will be fantastic in that spot.

  9. You have been busy! The holly was a very good choice and it looks great in that spot.
    You asked me about the esperanza on my can be pruned back. However, I had to keep pruning mine in one location and it turned out to be more maintenance than I wanted for a shrub. It can reach 8'. Your garden is looking PRETTY!

  10. Your re-done bed looks great already. Great tree choice, sounds like it grows fast too.

  11. Your beds look great, Patsi! I think the holly is perfect in that spot. I have a Nelly at the side of our house and also in the back yard. I would love to get that witch hazel.


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