Saturday, April 9, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

An early morning view of my private and half shady backyard.
Winter may have seemed long, but now ...
here comes the most wonderful time of the year.
It's all alive again !
This may seem simple but it makes me happy.

Weigela variegated

Euonymous shrub..Micropollus,. Have to check with the nursery.

Mix of part shade plants

Barberry Shrub-Berberis thunbergii and friends

Self seeding "forget-me-nots"

Can't forget columbine.

Siberian iris



  1. I agree, Patsie, this is the most wonderful time of the year! Every day I find something new popping up. Great photos of all your spring plants!

  2. Before I began gardening, I wanted spring to pass quickly and move to summer for the warmth. Now, it is so nice to relish every moment of the life that incrementally comes forth in the spring. It really is a joy...

  3. I totally agree! And never trivial in a gardeners paradise. Yours is looking great and I'm so excited for you that everything is waking up!

  4. Wonderful to see all the signs of spring in your garden..

  5. I hear you, Patsi. My favorite time of year, I love the swelling buds and awakening new life. You are ahead of us but once the forsythia blooms, my garden will explode!

  6. Hi Patsi - Your garden looks very much like mine right now! btw: how do you make your photos so large?? I know someone posted instructions some time ago, but I forgot to write them down!! ;-0

    Happy, happy Spring!

  7. Very nice! It is such a great, great time of year, isn't it?


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