Monday, April 18, 2011

More Spring Bliss

Female Dwarf Skimmia-Skimmia Japonica Foremanii
This dense evergreen has beautiful small star-shaped white flowers in the spring.
Come autumn it has clusters of maroonish colored fruits.

Red Tip, Photinia x fraseri.
Another my evergreens !
One of the brightest shrubs in the backyard.
It also gets small white flowers in spring.

Spotted Dead Nettle-Lamium maculatum 'Pink Pewter'
Love my Lamium !!
Also Hosta 'Abba Dabba Do '

Getting bigger every year.
They say it gets to be 4 feet wide...maybe I'll wait and see.
This is not the prettiest hosta but if you divide it...well more hostas !!

PJM Rhododendron
Gets to be 4 feet x 4 feet in part sun to shade.
It's in a more shady than sunny area so it will never get that big.
I personally think this is one of the best little Rhododendrons to have.


  1. Patsi,

    Never seen a hosta get as big as your Honeybells. It is way cool right now. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  2. Patsi so nice to see your spring bliss..... love the red tip too...

  3. I love evergreens too, and your red tip looks great. Your hostas look wonderful.

  4. Great looking! What sort of soil do you have Patsi? That hosta is huge!


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