Saturday, April 30, 2011

Everyday...something different.

Spring is FUN!
Everyday something new pops up in the garden.

Jack Frost-Brunnera macrophylla

Forget me-nots have almost the same flowers as the Jack Frost above.
These annuals are from last year and are scattered all over.

Pink Anemone Clematis

Last of the spring flowers to bloom.

Sum and Substance Hosta starting to unfold.


  1. We planted two sum and substance last year: have high hopes.
    Why can't I get brunnera or forget me nots to over winter???????????

  2. Yes, it's fun to see spring progress. I love it! I love your huge photos, too! I don't have any clematis getting that close to blooming yet. Tomorrow, I hope to get the ones that need it tied to their supports.

  3. Victoria,
    I'll send you seeds. Just remember at the most here only maybe 2 hours of direct sun.
    So I'm guessing less where in your zone.

  4. Thanks in advance for the seeds. I have a nice shady spot for them. I'll be happy to try them again.

  5. Hi Patsi - I love your Clematis and forget-me-nots! I wish we could grow Hostas here but apparantly they won't do well in our climate. Lovely photos!!

  6. Patsi girl we are finally in Spring mode here and YES !! I see my brunneras are finally showing their faces .. but a while yet before I get those gorgeous blue flowers, can't wait !!
    I love your clay vase in that shot .. I had a huge one when we lived in Holland but some one stole it .. talk about MAD !! Lots of naughty words came out then ;-)

  7. You are so right.. Love this time of the year.... Lovely plants flowering in your garden.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful brunnera! Mine is just a baby in comparison with it!

  9. Everything is beautiful! I love spring.

  10. Patsi, Spring is spectacular in our gardens and even though, I love the summer blooms, I miss the newness that this season brings to the garden. The greens are so fresh and the colors so welcome.Happy Spring. gail


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