Thursday, March 17, 2011

Starting Up !

So it's time to start the seeds under lights.
Seem to be starting less and less each year.
Funny, always wanted more area to garden in, but now feel I have more than enough !

Am growing Thai Sage for a friend, and can't wait to try it myself.

I'm hoping the Runner beans will attract Hummingbirds, as someone suggested.
Always grew Cardinal climbers for the Hummers but they didn't bloom till September for the last two years...too late. So they're off the list.

The Colorado Yarrow is new to us.... for the butterflies !

Forget Me Nots are " blue" blue, they get direct sown and they reseed...that's good.

Old plants are starting to pop up every week.




Crocuses are always my first bloomers.
Just have them scattered here and there.

Ogon Sweet Flag Dwarf

Another bed re-do...well it's getting there.
Those pots and things are there temporarily.

Some Shrubs just looked BAD so it was time to take them out !
Not sure what to put in this semi-shade area but I have 4 to 6 weeks to decide.


  1. Oh, that reminds me to look for Hostas. Why do they come up in the north ahead of those in my southern garden? We had a colder January than usual. I hope it made them happy.

    Little Grapette is all foliaged out in my garden, on the other hand.

  2. Oh how nice to see those signs of spring......

  3. I think even your redo bed looks great. I'm glad spring is reaching you.

  4. A redo bed is a blank canvas -- love the fun of doing something new!

    I was going to winter sow back in early February, but our temperatures were unseasonably warm, so I tossed all the flower seeds out into the garden! I've had more success than ever with the germination rate from direct sowing!

  5. I'm about where you are, Patsi. Anxious to see your finished bed. Good luck with your seeds and happy spring :)

  6. Patsi girl you are way ahead of me ;-) I think I am passing the seed adventure this time .. I was so disappointed with three years of Moon Flower vine NOT happening and bit with other seeds NOT happening .. I think I will stick to plants this year and take a break but I will be interested on how yours do girl .. another one is Thai basil the scent is amazing ... I love herbs and lavender and usually have LOTS of them .. couldn't have a year without them in fact .. a herb-a-natic ? hehehe

  7. Even though you are in a warmer zone, my chives and daylilies are at about the same height as yours. I haven't checked my hostas yet.

    I went out on a limb and planted a basil mix that has 7 different kinds. All the seeds looked exactly the same, so I planted at least 3 in each. I am hoping they look a bit different from each other as soon as they get the first set of true leaves. I will be able to tell what some of them are, so hopefully, will be able to figure the others out. I just hope they come up and grow well.


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