Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spurge and Glory of the Snow

Chionodoxas (Glory-of-the-snow)are sitting pretty in the same bed
where the Crocuses are just finishing for the year.

This bed is supposed to be all Deadnettle-Lamium maculatum "white nancy".
Yews in the back along with some spring bulbs... but this Pachysandra/Japanese Spurge wants to take over !!!
(Been pulling it out every summer but it just wants to LIVE).
Does look pretty right now, maybe I should just let it go wild.
Two good things, it's green and does hide the spent spring flowers nicely.


  1. That spurge. I have it, too. It's a love/somewhat dislike relationship. ;-) It does have its good points... fills in a bed nicely (as long as it's controlled), etc. But it's Spring!!

  2. Hey Patsi girl !!
    Your blog is looking gorgeous : ) and very Springy .. love those little flowers amongst all the greenery .. I don't have spurge but I have different vining ground covers which are great at hiding the not so good looking "stuff" ? haha
    I just saw the new episode of NJ (I love that if I miss it on the first night I can dial it up to see it when I want to) and it was really good .. I want it to be an hour show, 30 minutes is just not long enough right ? LOL
    Joy : )
    TB is scheduled soon now too !

  3. Dear Patsi, I love the way your spurge looks ... mine has never flowered. Maybe it will flower this year, as it is now three years since I planted it. I have it in the foundation bed around the back porch where it is pretty well contained and can't go anywhere. I like it. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's been a rough year so far, but I'm on the mend. P. x

  4. You have taught me something new, Patsi. My house is surrounded in a sea of Pachysandra. Thousands were planted as ground cover 30+ years ago (very $$$), still awesome, and yet I never heard it referred to as Japanese Spurge (where have I been). I love it! Happy April, dear friend :)

  5. That J. spurge is looking fantastic. I love it and such a nice green too. I've been trying for years to get mine to take and spread. Such a nice groundcover.


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