Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it spring YET ?

Was hoping I could do some cleaning outside but with temps around 45 F or 7 C and windy
...well, some pruning was all I could do.
Also wanted to get a head start starting my seeds under lights
but it was just too cold outside to fill my trays with potting soil...maybe next week.

These are looking happy.

Well sorta happy...

Just pruned all my rose bushes...think they're short enough

Then there's the annual/perennial bed.
This drove me crazy cleaning it out because I didn't label everything.
This year it will be ALL perennial.
Got to make life easier.


  1. Hi Patsi, You are ahead of us... but not by a whole lot... give us a couple more weeks or so. :-) It's looking great your way, and I understand completely about your wanting to simplify! I appreciate your labels. Happy Spring to you!

  2. Patsi, your corral bells look like there was no winter! As for the labels... My traditional game has started: guess what is it?

  3. Hi Patsi, You've got some life going on there in the garden! I have a habit of not labeling things and then I have to just wait and see what comes up ~ I really should be labeling (you've inspired me).

  4. Hi Patsi - I am SO rubbish at labeling things that I'm sure I've pulled up some real goodies in the past, thinking they were weeds! I really need to work on my labeling skills :)

  5. Patsi -- it's almost as if you were taking photos of some the plants in my garden, as we seem to have many of the same ones. The montauk daisy I don't have anymore though, as I removed it a couple years ago. Does it smell like tar to you when you prune it, or is that just me? =)

  6. Patsi your weather is far ahead of mine snow was melting then another dump last night.... I am so whining will spring ever come!

  7. Patsi girl it is much more SPRING like where you are than here .. eeeeeeeeekkkk!
    Hey I put up a sidebar picture of the "boys" for you : ) .. is that fisrt plant Golden Jubilee hyssop by any chance ? it looks like mine when it does show its face ! haha

  8. Dear Patsi, Love this post. Yes, it is spring in your garden. You are way ahead of me. Can't wait to get started. P x

  9. Indeed happy lookin'. Patsi! I still see only snow :(

  10. Things are looking pretty good in your area Patsi. Couldn't get over how great that Coral Bells looked. :)

  11. It is a mad race to get things done between it's too cold and it's too hot.


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