Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dappled Japanese Willow

Dappled Willow 'Salix Hakuro Nishiki'
Graceful branches move with the slightest breeze.
Love the bright yellow early in the morning this time of year.

Hakuro-nishiki’ is also commonly named ‘Dappled Japanese Willow’ or ‘Variegated Willow.

Best foliage color is in the summer, zone 7 and further north.
Pruning does encourage more colorful foliage, any advice on this is welcomed.
So far, it's been a beauty in the summer !

One year old...summer 2010


  1. That's such a lovely willow. I've seen it used in many garden photos in the glossy magazines!

  2. I love Hakuro Nishiki...mine is grafted to a tree form. The new pink growth is a favorite in the spring!

    Ohio Zone 5/6

  3. Dear Patsi, Your shrub border looks very healthy. The Golden Willow grows well here in the northeast. It likes to be cut back hard in late winter or early spring. But there is too much snow to do any gardening here, yet. P x

  4. Patsi, that's a beauty of a shrub. How pretty it she looks right now with her new foliage all aglow. I am sure she will be amazing this summer!

  5. What a gorgeous shrub Patsi. The blooms remind me a bit of Forsythia when in flower. :)

  6. Dear Patsi, To answer your question -- pruning should be done while dormant in late fall or VERY EARLY spring. Sorry to say it is too late now, as your willow has broken dormancy. But it doesn't have to be pruned every year, so it is OK for you to wait until fall. Thanks for visiting my blog. P x

  7. Your Dappled Willow is a beauty, Patsi ... love the 1st image!

  8. Love the light shining on this plant , a beauty.

  9. Wow, very clear details. My camera still can't get these quality, or maybe it's my fault. hehe!


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