Monday, March 21, 2011


Well they're HERE !!
My babies just popped-up.

Yarrow Colorado
Recommended planting is indoors, surface sow and needs light.
Hoping these are perennial for my zone...seems iffy.

There are 3 different kinds of Basil that I'm growing.
Thai Magic,Queenette and Sweet Thai.
Recommended direct sow when day temps are 60-70F/18-21C
Of course I want a head start. We won't have those temps till May.

Scarlet Runner Beans
Only started half indoors. Could have waited another month.
Of course won't be able to direct sow outdoors till May.
Hope the Hummers like them.

Forget-Me-Nots 'bobo blue'...just had to get more seeds.
No need to start indoors.
Some are popping up from last year...pretty good for annuals!
Can be sown 8-9 weeks before last frost.
Picture from last year.


  1. Patsi so nice to see the little seedlings sprout.....

  2. Like the new look on your blog!
    Why can't I get those forget-me-nots to come back???

  3. Wow, don't you just love it when seeds start sprouting.

  4. Yea, Patsi! Your blog is beautiful, too. I had to stop and think... I Know this is a nice person... ;-) Happy Spring!

  5. Oh, babies! So cute- I love them at this stage. Yarrow grows here in my zone 5 so you might be okay, not sure what zone you are. Just find a nice warm microclimate in your yard :). Thanks so much for stopping by, Patsi. And happy spring to you too.

  6. Hi Patsi,
    It's spring! Yeah! Look at those sweet little babies! I just got some inside seeds planted the last couple of days.

    Your blog is looking nice.

    Thanks for letting me know how much tree removal costs where you are. This is a landscape company, but they say their flier said something about the costs being reasonable or something. I am trying to get some estimates from tree service companies, but am still waiting for them to come out. One came out yesterday, but said the tree is too large for his equipment.


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