Monday, February 21, 2011


Everything came off the walls when we painted in December and I just don't want to put anything back.

Anyway there are 6 old wreaths I made that were taken down but don't have the heart to through them out yet.

They survived a couple of storms so far, I'll wait and see how long they'll last.
Think the plain ones work better without all the stuff glued to them.

Oh, the new....
Some small signs of life.
Not much happening in the garden but it's early.


  1. Patsi, I love the blue gate! What a perfect color for the garden and You know, I so know how you feel about fresh painted walls! gail

  2. Dear Patsi, Your wreath works great on the blue gate. I love to use wreaths in my garden and agree the unadorned ones are the best. P x

  3. Love the old wreaths in the garden, Patsi, they look great on that fabulous blue gate!

  4. Patsi girl those wreaths are still really pretty ! So don't throw them out yet !! .. I love seeing your signs of Spring .. way ahead of us of course but once we get going we sprint into summer : )
    Hey .. TB is being advertised with "Spells" included so there has to be new witchy story lines coming ? LOL
    I don't know why my comment section is tricky .. thanks for sticking with it though : )
    PS .. I love that blue too !

  5. The wreaths are lovely and I am so impressed by your signs of spring.

  6. Hi Patsi, You look as though you're ready for Spring. I do like the blue... we received 4" of snow last night and I just drove home in about 4" more tonight. ;-) Yes, it's still Winter here (always) but it won't last too much longer.

  7. I love making wreaths too, Patsi! And I'm glad you're recycling them. Got my Spring fix at the garden show in Edison...did you go? Not much longer til those azaleas bloom! ;)

  8. Not much going on around here either. I did get some seeds planted yesterday, at least we'll have them to look forward to.


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