Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Amy of "Go Away I'm Gardening" had awarded me this award. Not sure if Im stylish (do try to be easy to view)or deserved to receive the award, but Im honoured to receive it.

In accepting this award these are the things you should do...
like linking back to the person who awarded you,share 7 ramdom things about yourself and award to 15 recently discovered bloggers and of course let them know.

About me ...
I love cruises.
Not crazy about sweets except maybe when we go out to eat.
I tivo all my favorite tv shows since I work nights.
Try and be creative like making bird houses and even cards.
Don't do well with house plants but keep trying.
Love the color blue.
Hope I can garden to the end of time.

Now the awards...well the best I can do at this time.
Elephant's Eye

This Grandmothers Garden

Keewee's Garden



My Little Garden in Japan

Gardener's Roost

Garden Walk Garden Talk

Pam's English Cottage Garden


  1. Hi Patsi, thanks so much for thinking of my blog for the Stylish Blogger Award. Congrats on receiving it too. I hope to be able to post on this, but have been so busy as of late.

    I differ on you on the sweets though. I live by them literally. Keeps up my pep. And blue is my favorite too, pretty much evidenced by my garden blooms. None for GBBD though, all I posted was snow blooming at the Falls.

  2. Most of those are familiar, just Keewee and Gardener's Roost to visit. Our elephant has ears, but the blog is Elephant's Eye, for that cave in the mountain. The elephant only opens his eye in winter, when the sun is low. You are the second to call me stylish, I'll get to it soon ...

  3. So sorry Diana. Sometimes these memes tire me out a little.

  4. (I have a Memed Out post in my archives ;~) I much prefer to link to one post which ties in with what I am writing about, rather than a list, which is daunting to click thru.

    Good luck with the bird count!

  5. Patsi, you are very kind to include me in this meme. I haven't done one in a long time. I am a bit reserved in that respect. I thank you very much for thinking about me.

    I am amazed that New Jersey is a 7a zone. Amazing to me. I always think of NJ as way up North. Not so as I see here.


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