Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Almost time to count

Just a reminder,the GBBC is this weekend.

The volume of birds has declined immensely using the cage feeders.
Very disappointing.
Many birds I had last year just fly by.

So we picked up two $4 feeders that most like...
of course the big birds and squirrels have found them so refilling is often.
Wish me luck.


  1. I was just noticing that the bird count is just a couple of days away. I've mostly been seeing Juncos around here so far. Hope the squirrels stay away from your feeders long enough to count lots of birds.

  2. That must be one great lens/camera/camera lens you have, add to it your eye for a great shot, and it all makes for some amazing photos of those tweets. (Not talking Twitter here though!)

  3. Forgot to add, hope your GBBC goes well! And that the squirrels leave the bird seed to the birds. (not likely though, is it?!)

  4. I hope your bird count goes well. Most of the migrants have departed from our area. Not much more than the resident birds coming to our feeders. Just in time for the count too. Booo I don't usually do this count. We do the Inidana Audubon winter feeder count though.

  5. Happy to have found a fellow NJ blogger. Amazing photos and look forward to following along.

  6. Patsi,

    Good Luck with the count. I too find the caged feeder not as popular as the other ones. WE hang suet on the big trees here and get Brown Creepers visiting many times a day. It has to be on the tree trunk.

  7. Patsi you have changed your blog too !
    I am so happy to hear Nurse Jackie is coming back because it was VERY entertaining .. and should be an hour long for heaven sake !! thanks for the heads up : ) hey did you see Shameless yet ?

  8. Good luck with the bird counting! Wish I could join too

  9. Hope your birds come back, Patsi. Lately, I've been getting so many black birds, blue jays and squirrels ~ I could fill my feeders twice a day! I've been going through tons of food. I think I'll go back to safflower instead of sunflower seeds.

  10. Patsi I am sure the birds will be back your yard entices them I am sure.

  11. Will be linking back to you from my Nguni post, for the Stylish blogger!


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