Friday, January 21, 2011

Can always find a garden

For the palm lovers here is my view of the tropical beauty
of Dent Smith Trail in Melbourne Florida.
Give me a vacation and somehow I always find a garden
and creative photo opts.
Discovering a new a garden is always a treat !


Below are a few pics of the suite and aft wrap around balcony,
also some other ship photos that we sailed on last week.
Unbelievable treat(The Multi Room Suite/Huge Private Balcony)...thanks honey.
I felt like a princess !




  1. Beautiful! I'm so envious of that lush greenery, since I'm stuck here in NJ and it's winter!

  2. Love your photos - you were having WAY too much fun - but I'd have done the same thing! :-) Happy Winter Vacation!

  3. Great pics! Really nice. Looks like you had one heck of a time!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Interesting and creative photos!

  5. I can feel the warmth even this far north.....Ah!

  6. Oh Patsi, looks like you've been having fun;-) Now that's the way to spend your time...wish I could say I'm doing the same...but no, I'm NOT! Lots of palm varieties to see, as well. Just lovely. Wish I was there!! Send for me, ok??!!

  7. I'm going to have to start calling you Princess Patsi now Patsi girl ! haha
    ... and that crack about my million snow shots ? You naughty thing !!
    I do love all of these shots you have taken .. the palms are amazing and the tree trunks ! .. is that Spanish moss ? .. now that is Halloweeny !
    You spoiled woman !!! hahaha
    Joy from the GWN brrrrrrrrrrr !!!
    PS when is Nurse Jackie coming back and new TB!!

  8. You lucky princess you!! What a wonderful trip! The pictures are fabulous too.

  9. Wow, what a fabulous vacation! I can feel the warm sunshine. Great photos!

  10. That does sound like a nice treat to get away from winter and enjoy all that tropical beauty! Great pictures.

  11. A+ stunning shots, Patsi, especially the opening palm ... good girl! Sounds like an awesome vacation.

  12. Great photos! loved those textures

  13. What fun that looked like! I enjoyed your photos. It was interesting to see a pothos, like we grow as a houseplant, growing outdoors like that.


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