Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cages ??

Large birds so far can't get in the caged feeders.
Unfortunately not seeing as many small birds as last year...
Maybe they're not crazy about the cages?


  1. I got a suet feeder similar to yours this winter, but without a roof. I was kind of wishing I'd have gotten one with a roof, though. I have not seen any birds at the feeder, but did see a small woodpecker of some kind fly up out of the yard when I came home from work one day, and some of the suet is being eaten each day.

    How cool that you got a photo of two birds trying to get to your suet. Hopefully the smaller ones will come around.

  2. I have an open suet feeder but not one bird has arrived yet.

  3. I have birds at my hanging suet feeder. I have not used the enclosed feeder here so I do not know how they would like it. It looks like a good idea to keep the big birds out so the little ones can feed. I wonder if I would feel trapped if I had to go into the cage to eat though? Then again I am not a bird and am prone to weird ideas at times. LOL!

  4. You can't win, can you? I've tried to keep big birds and squirrels out and have given up!

    That's a great photo!

  5. Hey Patsi girl don't the "wrong" birds drive you nuts ? .. it is just to difficult here in the winter to feed them so we stick to feeding the goldfinches and smaller ones (but even Morning Doves pick up seed that has fallen) we just bought a new finch feeder with copper accents at our NEW Lowes store .. can't wait to see their garden center since it is HUGE !
    Have you seen a show called "Shameless" .. I am on the 4th episode .. it is naughty but VERY funny .. a family in New York trying to make ends meet and survive with a dead beat dad. I think you would laugh at it too !

  6. Interesting, Patsi ... I see you have some 'not so happy campers'!

  7. It's hard to second-guess, isn't it, Patsi? You're doing everything with all the right motives, however. Is this a brand new feeder? If not, did you have more "visitors" last year?

    Keep at it, perhaps it will still work out! (If so, post again!) :-)

  8. Hi Patsi, I've caged feeders too (simliar idea) and I too like the roof. There was no option with mine.

    I have found the house sparrows love this feeder but on ocassions they go nowhere near it. I'm guessing they are sometimes fickle about the food inside. Perhaps the food is a bit frozen and other foods require less energy to eat. That might be the case with yours too :-)

  9. Shady,
    It's a new feeder since summer.
    I think you're right about being frozen and I have been using ONLY sunflower seeds...mistake.
    "less energy to eat" food makes sense!!!

  10. Patsi, I found my cage feeder in the grass where an enterprising raccoon carried it! The small woodpeckers loved it when it was up! They might be squirrel proof, but they are not mammal proof. gail


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