Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Got snow ?

First snow storm for this winter hit us on the 26th.
All over the country got hammered !
One note of good starting snowing here Christmas night...nice :)

Hubby the He-Man...loves having his picture taken.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Never seen these berries before

Euonymous berries.
Never seen before berries...maybe my memory is just going.
Sure hope the birds like them...right now they're loving the feeders.

Another type of Euonymous shrub.
Some are 4 feet tall and others are 9 feet,depends on the sun.
Maybe Silver King or Queen ?
Had them for a long time....never recorded the type.

New to the garden this past spring.
It should get about 9 feet tall,it may take years though.
Love the cream edges of this Ilex Mes Honey Maid Holly Shrub.
I'm thinking... holiday arrangements !

Now some berries I have seen before....
Lily Turf(Liriope Muscari)
Think this is called "big blue".
Usually see tons of berries. These are in part shade and loving it !

One of many Yews on property.
These are hardy shrubs, they tolerate sun and shade.

Some kind of Holly shrub.
Had it for many years...must like it here.