Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dawn to Dusk-things that make me happy

( added for you Fer-My garden in JapanHelens Flower)below.
Flowers etc. that are still hanging in there...
Helens flower

The last day of August and the garden still has plenty to offer.
Dawn...what a pretty start to the day.

All kinds of butterflies

Flowers that won't stop blooming...
False Sunflower


Roses-knock outs

More knock outs and Hubby's Toy



Butterfly bush

Walkers low


Colorful veggies

Black-eyed Susan

My home made Hypertufa planter

Vivid just started blooming

Part shade plants


Lily turf

Lace cap


The end of the day brings a different light to the garden.
All is good.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Crape Myrtle Blooms

Funny, spent little time and thought designing a bed for this portion of the house front because everything kept dieing.

Now that the soil has been corrected (a few years ago),it doesn't seem to matter WHAT I plant all seems to do well !!

Still know little about design and know nothing about Crape Myrtle.
Hope I can shape this "Rhapsody in Pink Crape Myrtle-Lagerstroemia indica"... to fit in a little better.
Any suggestions are welcomed.

Can't believe the continuous blooms, just love this shrub !

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Blooms !

Cardinal Climbers gave me only FOUR flowers this year so far...c'mon !!!
Last year they didn't bloom 'til September which is kinda late for the humming birds.
(the only reason I grow 'em).
Maybe will try something different next year. Grrrrrr !!

Obedient Plant or Physostegia 'Vivid' 2nd year. Nada !
Just don't get it.

Had this Mophead for 5-6 years.
It bloomed the first year very well, while in same location less the second year. Then stopped all together.
Since then even with moving it just won't bloom.

Had to show at less one flower....
Gotta get real close to see this little Blackberry lily flower.
But I do like the foliage so it's a keeper...started from seed maybe 5 years ago.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gifts To and From

DH grows many different varieties of heirloom tomatoes.
Think he has about 120 plants.
Thick black plastic raised bed cover is a winner this year... the thinner red plastic in 2009 was an eye sore and weeds still grew under it.
Now with the thick black plastic... there are NO WEEDS !

We are getting lots of tomatoes,peppers and herbs for meals and gifts.

Decorated 50 cent paper gift bags for goodies.
Not so great in my craftiness like Rosemary with the beautiful cards she makes...
but at least I gave it a quick try with left over ribbons,wooden hearts etc.
Have always loved crafts...maybe it's time to start again.

What to do with a plastic bottle...

More than gifts...

Being new to sun plants...I've learned you can deadhead
these Phlox panicuiata cosmopolitan David Rose and they come back.
Not as full as the first blooms but still pretty good.

Cosmos are annual keepers... bees crossed them a little...good bees !

Hibiscus palustris is still hanging in there but needed to be tied-up after heavy rains.
Even though we dug out the old Trumpet Vine 'Madam Galen' can see at bottom...they won't die!
Keep pulling them out but don't seem to be too successful.

Needed help to ID a few of the new visitors this year.
Thank you gardenweb !
This one is hard to ID....
Northern Broken Dash, Crossline Skipper butterfly or Broadwinged Skipper


Silver-spotted Skipper

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail-male

My husband and I enjoy watching the birds in our garden...most of which are year round.

BUT this one is special...only a few months during the summer.
She and her juvenile came late this year at first I was so sad not to have her resting every morning during the month of June on this crazy home made perch.
But then came the first week of July and they zip in every morning at the break of dawn. Life is good again !