Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Newbies Plus

Swamp Rose Mallow or Hibiscus palustris is considered a hardy Hibiscus.
Hybridized from wildflowers having 12 inch wide flowers white or pink with red center.
Winter-hardy as far north as Zone 4.
Never knew about these non-tropical Hibiscus until last year.
While at a fall garden tour I pinched seeds from an unknown 5 foot shrub
and at the time had no clue what they were till I started the seeds indoors last year.
Now look at them with lots of blooms to come !



My DH went shopping again and just had to buy me these plants.
New- Hot Papaya Coneflower or Echinacea purpurea 'Hot Papaya' PPAF

New- Golden Jubilee Hyssop or Agastache 'Golden Jubilee'
Hope they come back next Hyssop from last year didn't survive.

New- Helichrysum Siempreviva'Icicles' Annual (can't beat the price 3 for $1.95)
Wonder if I'll get flowers....July is not the best time to plant anything.

New shrub for this once all shady yard.
Not crazy about the shape...will wait 'till fall to prune.
Rhapsody in Pink Crape Myrtle-Lagerstroemia indica

From my own seeds started indoors are these pretty Dahlberg Yellow Daisies.

Coleus 'Red Head'...good filler.

Some kind of Wax Begonia

The last of the hosta flowers...Sum and Substance

Some Critters

Chickadee -feeder is not good for pictures BUT love watching the Grackles and Starlings try and get in it....THEY CAN'T !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some July Blooms

First canna bloom from seed.

New to my garden...didn't realize poppies are short lived.

Volunteer Nicotiana 'Hummingbird II Appleblossom' from last year.

These are False Sunflowers, our Golden Finch like to pull the pedals off.

One of my favorite Deadnettles "golden anniversary".

Tons of green tomatoes on the vines...can't wait!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Some Friends

Never seen in garden before. Believe it's called a Red Admiral Butterfly.