Monday, May 31, 2010

Just Some Shade

Need to move some plants....too crowded !

New Addition....if you can see it. Gotta pull out all that vinca !
Aucuba japonica or Japanese laurel

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not So Nice

So nice to know I'm not alone with the "no-shows" in my garden.
Thanks everyone.


Had to get the binoculars to see what kind of bird was at the Carolina Wrens nest.
Never witnessed this before.
The House Sparrow won't let the Wrens get to their eggs.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Am a little reluctant to add any new Annuals or Perennials since so far there is a no-show of some perennials...Homestead Purple Verbena, Gaura lindheimeri 'Karalee Petite Pink', Dianthus hybrid 'Rosish One'(never had these come back), Agastache 'Purple Pygmy'(from seed) and Agastache 'Rupestris'or Sunset Hyssop (from seed).
The Agastache may be my own fault since I didn't let them harden off long enough last year)plus these plants didn't get enough sun.

Think I've given everything enough time to pop up ?

Anyway been busy this week pruning all the floppy overgrowth of Yews, Hollies and Wax Privets. Also redoing our front bed due to storm damage.
There are a few new additions to the back garden like Honeysuckle and Coral Bells below. Also got one flat of Waxed Begonias.
Think it's time to rest !!!

Pink Lemonade Honeysuckle-Lonicera heckrotti 'Gold Flame'

Beauty of Color Coral Bells

Some current blooms.
Rhododendron-Chionoides White

Double Knock Out Rose'Rosa Radtko'

Rainbow Knock Out Rose 'Pink Radcor'

Siberian Irises

Geranium x 'Rozanne'

Winky Blue and White Columbine

Knock Out Rose Rosa 'Radrazz'

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Feeder and Stand

While trying to be creative last year I came up with an idea of a stand that would support more than one bird feeder.
The base had to be bottom heavy (didn't want it to fall over)and take some plants in the top half to make it more attractive.
So I had an old Pot(Urn) that served the purpose for the base. Metal pipes,plastic drainage pipes and shepherds hooks completed this creation. Plus this can be moved anywhere in the yard.
Nothing will tip this stand over !

The stand I built works great...a little heavy though.
But there's one problem with our new $49.00 Duncraft Squirrel Proof Feeder...
It's NOT Squirrel Proof !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The center of the bottom just below the seeds is all plastic and our friendly Squirrels chewed half way through it in 2 days to get at the seeds ASAP.
We figured in about 2 more days the bottom would be gone, and they'd get their reward !
So I found a small round piece of metal to cover it, to keep those dastardly squirrels from destroying this new feeder.
Maybe I should contact DUNCRAFT !!