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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hodgepodge of Designs


How do you figure out what kind of garden design you'd like for your yard ?

Personally I enjoy viewing other gardens as a great guidline.
So I sorted through some magazine pictures (and others I took myself)
to put together what might be interesting to try.
Surprisingly, I couldn't come up with that many !! Darn !

My Local Tours

Phil. Flower Show 2009

Garden Gate Magazine

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh,What to do

Hmmm... Cleaning up the beds would help. Moving a few plants and of course buying new ones is a given. Considering it's still mid April all is well with plenty of time to sort everything out. I'd say all is good !

PJM Rhododendron starting to lose flowers...gotta get another one, maybe for front of house.

Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’

Sum and Substance Hosta

Eastern Red Bud tree

Rosemary getting old but still smelling great. Maybe I'll propagated from stem cuttings.

Bleeding hearts mostly gone due to fallen spruce the way that same tree fell on a smaller tree that had to be cut down.

Red Tip, Photinia x fraseri

Arborvitaves weren't tied up too good,hope I can save all of them. There are other shrubs that might have to go, I'm avoiding that as long as possible.

Deadnettle-Lamium"Pink Pewter" my dead nettles

Some goodies from hubby.He can't help himself,he does it every year!

By the way do you keep records ?
Here's my incomplete record keeping that Ive been working on.
Hope to get better at it sooner or later.
It can be found at "My Links" Just click on each year.
Suggestions are welcome.
Year to Year List

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Beginning

For some reason don't seem to have my heart into gardening this year at least so far.
I'm going through the motions and little by little the thrill is coming back.
Had to start some seedlings no matter what !!!
The Foxgloves and Poppy seeds were sent to me by T.S.,
what a great surprise on the germination...100%...many thanks.
Again this year I'll have a new "Unknown" that can be fun !

Cardinal Climbers and Firebrand Sweet Pea.

Canna Pixie, Bee Balm,Phlox(didn't germinate)Unknown something,
Tiger Eyes Black-eyed Susan Vine.

Poppies Red Mellon(lots),Unknown Cannas,Foxgloves,Dwarf Red Cosmos
and Dahlberg Yellow Daisies.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Woo Hoo...

And so the season begins...nice to return from vacation to warm weather and spring blooms. Like the rest of you the first thing I do is examine the garden.
Happy to see the Hostas,Tiger lilies and Sedums popping up plus some new blooms etc.
All my seedlings were started a week before we went on vacation...wasn't sure if I watered them to survive for 10 days but it looks like I did it just right, in fact many need to be divided.
Unfortunately the tree man did not come and remove the fallen tree on our fence...he'll hear from me tomorrow.
Here's a sample of some spring color and even more color from the Caribbean.

Eating,shows,tanning,shopping,bingo,the amazing blue sea and the gardens !!
Forgot to mention...NO work !