Thursday, December 2, 2010

Never seen these berries before

Euonymous berries.
Never seen before berries...maybe my memory is just going.
Sure hope the birds like them...right now they're loving the feeders.

Another type of Euonymous shrub.
Some are 4 feet tall and others are 9 feet,depends on the sun.
Maybe Silver King or Queen ?
Had them for a long time....never recorded the type.

New to the garden this past spring.
It should get about 9 feet tall,it may take years though.
Love the cream edges of this Ilex Mes Honey Maid Holly Shrub.
I'm thinking... holiday arrangements !

Now some berries I have seen before....
Lily Turf(Liriope Muscari)
Think this is called "big blue".
Usually see tons of berries. These are in part shade and loving it !

One of many Yews on property.
These are hardy shrubs, they tolerate sun and shade.

Some kind of Holly shrub.
Had it for many years...must like it here.


  1. I hadn't seen the yew berries before (and that variegated euonymous is neat!)

  2. Berry pretty evergreens! I just couldn't help myself.

  3. How pretty to have all those berries outside right now. This is the time of year I wish I had more. I love the berries on the yew. We had a yew a long time ago, but it never had berries. Also love that new Holly of yours!

  4. Dear Patsi, These are lovely berry photographs! I have holly on my wish list to plant next spring. I make plum pudding every year. but lack the sprig of holly decoration. Pamela x

  5. Hi Patsi, Lovely berry photos! It is the time of year when everything else had faded that you appreciate little gems like these! Have a great weekend. Jennifer

  6. Love the berry photos Patsi! I love berries, especially holly berries, and my garden birds are wishing I would add more! gail

  7. This is like the most Christmasy post I've seen yet this year! The holly berries are splendid and really get me in the mood for Christmas. Just beautiful!

  8. Patsi girl those berries are beautiful !
    I would have some in the house but my lovely felines would be taste testing ? haha .. My Yews do that too and they really stand out against that rich dark green folaige !
    Joy : )
    PS .. don't work too hard !

  9. wonderful photography showing the not-to-often noticed berries on some of the evergreens growing out there!

  10. A Berry seasonal posting and some lovely photos - I love the Euonomous - love the colour of the fruits in Autumn and the leaves on some are great colours - it's very cold here in France at the moment - the last of our first snowfalls now almost disappeared - now waiting for the next - take care and enjoy your Christmas time - Miranda x

  11. Hi Patsi, Lovely photos!! I have never seen Yew berries, so beautiful and delicate! I really enjoyed the frozen rose in your last post, I photographed mine in the snow, it is so sad to see them go but what a pretty show it was!!
    Thnaks for visiting my blog and your sweet words!
    Happy holidays to you too :-)

  12. You do have a lot of Christmas decorating options! Very nice! Our dogwood tree has berries on it this year and I don't remember that happening before.

  13. Lovely post Patsi, Finding berries as you walk around the garden is an added joy. I have the Euonomous growing wild in my garden, I just love their berries. Thank you for the very kind comments you left when you visited my garden. Christina
    having trouble leaving this comment so here's where I am

  14. Nice pictures you have. So glad to have a fellow blogger that lives in New Jersey. What town are you located in? email me

  15. What wonderful pictures! Like taking a winter garden walk for the holidays.

  16. I love berries in the garden, especially this time of year when they really contrast with the white snow. Of course, the birds love them, too. Holly is on my plant "wish list" for next year!

  17. So many pretty berries! I love decorating with berries this time of year.

  18. Patsi, that last photo is just beautiful!!! I saw a new holy variety this fall that had pinky-coral-colored berries...a shade I had not seen before! The greens DO make excellent fillers for your arrangements and lasts long, too! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  19. Love those beautiful red berries this time of year....

    Merry Christmas....

  20. Ah lovely berries. So pretty. Happy new year.


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