Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where we live and love

To us, the front yard is just for coming and going ...
you know...back and forth from work.
It's attractive, but less rewarding to the spirit.

It's the BACKYARD where we live and love,where gardening,
bird watching and a little bit of peace can be found.
This is a taste of what it looks like even in late November.

Sweetspire Itea 'Virginica Little Henry'.
Thinking about getting another one as a gift to the front or side of house.
Really love the fall colors and the unique flowers come early summer.

Toadlily /Tricrytis is wanting to bloom.
Just put it in the ground about 6 weeks ago.
Don't get it... my other Tricyrtis hirta have vanished into the earth.
These Toadlilies get more indirect sun than the others.

Only a few Cosmos are still hanging in there.
Just the common tall orange ones.
Seeds bought at K-marts many years ago.

Knock Out Rose 'Pink Radcor' keeps to the garden about 2 years ago.
Constant Deadheading is good idea for these bushes to look spectacular.
I understand the BIG pruning takes place once a year in late winter or early spring.
Still learning about these rose bushes.

Double Knock Out Rose 'Rosa Radtko'.

Hydrangea lacecap is an old hydrangea and not pruned like it should be.
But it's a keeper because it survives in part shade/indirect sun.

Mophead is another Hydrangea for part shade/indirect sun.

Canna 'Pixie'has a few blooms still,kinda crazy for a tropical plant.

Deadnettle/Lamium. If you have part shade...this is a must!
Foliage all year and small flowers are from spring to winter.

Okame Cherry is not really pretty in the fall but considering it's one of only two deciduous trees that we'll do.

The other is Redbud.

Hosta 'Big Daddy'.
I know all the hostas will soon look rotten and mushy but right now
I'm enjoying the yellow that is starting to turn brown.

Sum and Substance.

Peppers are still hanging in there.

A view from the window. Leaves are still falling...early morning.
This is Heaven to me.


  1. Dear Patsi,

    All those blooms and peppers yet. Wow!

    You are so right about living in the back garden. My house is built close to the road and visitors tend not to use the front door even. But the back garden ...

    Pam x

  2. Hi Patsi,
    I enjoyed seeing your blooms, foliage, and peppers. Mine are finished and pulled. I haven't gotten all the tomatoes pulled yet, though.

    I love how hydrangeas look pretty, even when the blooms have faded. I only have a small one. I'd like to find a spot for a larger one. My front yard bed was supposed to be for annuals, but I've been putting more and more perennials in it. I had told Larry I wouldn't ask for another planting area, but I have lots of flowers I want to plant, and am running out of room.

    Oh, and your sky photo was awesome, and the falling leaf was like frosting on a cake!

  3. Patsi girl those pictures are so beautiful !
    I absolutely love your view with those trees .. you are VERY lucky .. I am with what I have .. er? .. for the most part ? LOL
    Hey girl .. I am now at
    I changed my name to be more like me ? hehehe
    Joy : )

  4. Your view from the window does look like heaven.

  5. I love Virginia Sweetspire and have two in our front lawn. I enjoyed the photos, Patsi. Early morning is like heaven to me too.

  6. I love your backyard too. It is such a nice thing to love your home and garden.

  7. Patsi Wonderful sky shots with the leaves falling. Sad to see the end of the season but looking forward to the surprised spring brings.

  8. All your photos are very pretty! I view our front and backyard a lot like you do. My front is pretty much ignored, however I really enjoy our backyard.
    That does look like a little piece of heaven from your window....very pretty.
    Also, I would love to have an hydrangea and thought I might try an oakleaf. Hope you are enjoying your day!

  9. What a varied backyard. The scenery is striking. With such beauty to be had in the backyard, it must be difficult to get up and pull the door shut behind you.

  10. A beautiful post, Patsi. Like you, my front yard is just for coming and going and blends with my old house theme ... my back gardens are filled with beautiful surprises! Always a joy to connect, I so enjoy your lovely photos :)

  11. So glad you stopped by so I could visit you and see your lovely flower pics! I love the hydrangeas, especially the lacecap...I will definitely look for one of those come spring. We've just had our first snow, so our gardens are looking quite droopy...LOL!

  12. A lovely post. The last photo os the sun setting over the trees is my favorite.


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