Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Yes, I still have to clean up the yard....
but look closer.
There are a few volunteer Nicotiana sylvestris plants from 2 years ago.

Nature sure is surprising.


  1. That IS a surprise. Will they winter over?

  2. Don't think so Shady. But I could bring them inside.

  3. ou are in Zone 6? There should be many more coming and these should winter over for you. They are a lovely flower in the garden and that spot of green from those nice leaves a very nice thing. If I don't talk with you again before Thanksgiving have a great one Patsi!

  4. Great to see your garden gives you nice surprises. I hope you get to keep them.

  5. I love garden surprises!
    My nicotania that I planted this spring are still flowering despite several heavy frost - that too is a surprise! :)

  6. Dear Patsi, I have just returned from a long trip and have yet to clean up the garden ... how I would love to find such a pleasant surprise! Pam x

  7. Plants and seeds are doing some funny things this year. My volunteer celosias came up in late August, and actually bloomed, even though they were much shorter than last year, and shorter than the ones planted earlier in the year my next door by my next door neighbor. She's the one who gave me the seeds for mine last year. I have more from her for next year.

    I also have nigella seedlings like I did last year. I was thinking someone said they would make it through the winter, but I don't think they did last year. I did have more come up, but hope for even more next year.


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