Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunny and Chilly

Captures of a sunny and chilly morning.


  1. You still have some pretty flowers. It's sunny and chilly here too.

  2. Patsi Oh my you still have lots of colour in your garden. Hard frost here has taken all the annuals and even the perennials are looking sad. Love the shade and sun photo.

  3. Patsi girl you have some beautiful flowers still blooming ! I love your roses especially : )
    It was another hard frost last night .. I wanted to take pictures ended up with mostly the pink puffy clouds rolling by ! haha
    bundle up girl it is only going to get chillier ??
    Joy : )

  4. Wow- you still have some nice blooms yet. I can't wait to get some color going at our new place. Thanks for stopping by- sorry to hear about the greenhouse still in its box! Maybe this will be the year. I wanted to let you know my zone info has changed- no longer a zone 8, but a zone 5...I think!

    Happy Gardening to you Patsi!


  5. Beautiful photos! love the roses.
    Here it just started being chilly, but it is still plenty of sunny

  6. I enjoyed seeing your foliage and blooms. The shadows in the second photo made that one of my favorite of your photos here.

    I got to garden after work today in the nice upper 60s. The neighbor kids came around when I was almost finished. Now, I need to get my house ready for the Bible study. In the next few days, we'll have those cold mornings, too.


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