Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh...What to do ?

This picture is about two/three years ago before the one tall tree on left came down because of a storm.
Things change.

Below is what it looks like now.
The bird bath is on top where the tree stump stood.
Area to the right of Sum and Substance hosta needs a face lift.

Area's about 10 feet deep and neighbor's tress hang over the entire bed.
It's overgrown with Vinca and English Ivy that keep climbing the fence.
Every Rhododendron put in there for the last 10 years has died.
There is one Barrenwort, Bugbane, Acuba and two yews which I'd like to keep.
Also an unknown tree near the corner which I kept trying to kill..
but it insists to live... sooo it stays. Only fair.
The bed gets full shade/dappled sun in the back and about
4 hours indirect morning sun 3 feet at the front.
Now the question is what to do?
Would like something tall but what will survive in dappled sun...
maybe a big boulder ! Hehe.


Variety of Hostas

Barronwort (can't find the Bugbane)


There are plenty of roots which should be taken out as much as possible,
and the soil should also be built up with compost and top soil...
that's where he-man hubby gets a real good workout.
All the English ivy was removed years ago and we even asked our neighbor
if we could remove it from her yard...we thought the problem was over.
Guess I'll be pulling out the English ivy and Vinca for the rest of my life.

But then still is the question....


  1. Patsi For a tree, what about a red Japanese maple or a Serviceberry which is green with white flowers in the spring and red berries in the fall? The other tree you could try is a dogwood . Milky Way is supposed to be the best for disease resistance. Shrubs for the shade perhaps a holly to add to the yews. Also wondering about a climbing hydrangea for the fence , interesting vine with wonderful white flowers it is very slow growing tho.
    I too once planted vinca and ivy never again.... Will be interesting to see how you redevelop this garden.

  2. Your garden looks great!
    I like rosemary's idea about a japanese maple, I think it would go great there.

  3. Hmmmm, not sure what I would do....maybe holly or a dogwood tree.

    I actually like English Ivy and Vinca (I know, I must be crazy).


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