Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hazy Day-another view

Maybe it needs nothing to the right of the Leyland Cypress.
But it looks soooo empty.
Just not crazy about looking at a blank fence.
Also I do like a evergreen border around the property.
I'll give it about 2 years and the Cypress will block my neighbors window.
...privacy in my backyard is important to me.

It's autumn now so neighbors trees are losing their leaves and it does get sun.
Plus we did have some of the neighbors tree limbs removed that where
hanging in our yard.
Still this bed is SHADE. Rosemary gave me some good ideas which Fer and Donna
agreed with, that I didn't consider.
Like Dogwood or Holly, I think now with this bed NOT being deep shade
any more these may work.
I'm leaning towards Holly.
Love the idea of climbing hydrangea for the fence but it would have to compete
with the ivy...maybe by the birdhouse where there is a small trellis.


  1. I think a holly would look really pretty. The berries would add color and the birds eat them (I think?). I'm with you, I don't like blank spaces either. This is such a good time of year to see the "bones".

  2. I like to fill spaces, too. I like the idea of a bush of some kind.


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