Friday, October 8, 2010

A Touch of Autumn

Did a little fall decorating.
No mums this like them but they only last one month.
Who knows...maybe next week.

Husband loves these knockout rose bushes(3). He even deadheads them!
Think maybe it needs pruning. Just not sure when to do it.
He also has to have a near perfect's some sort of man thing.
Just did the fall seeding last week.
Looking good !!!!


  1. Your Knockout roses are so pretty. Mine did not do very well this summer for some reason. And you still have daisies.How wonderful. Seems you still have a lot of color in your garden yet .

  2. Wonderful Autumn touches , your garden still seems full of colour so nice. Fantastic Rose.

  3. My hubby has the perfect lawn thing going too, but he wouldn't prune a rose bush for anything. He will however, spray them for me!

  4. Very nice! Your daisies look wonderful.....mine got really leggy this year, but still pretty.

  5. I trim my Knockouts early in the spring back to about 12-15" from the ground and then I give them another trimback (not as drastic) late summer.

  6. I love your husband's green grass. It sure is looking good and sets off those knockout roses nicely. That sedum is gorgeous too. It almost looks like Joe Pye but I looked closely and am pretty sure it is sedum. Beautiful!


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