Sunday, October 31, 2010

Small things I can't live without

Usually these pretty gloves(ok, not so pretty now) are gifts since I wouldn't buy them for myself.
Luckily they make them larger now for women. Years ago it was a joke...what, made for tiny hands ?
They can be washed more often than the "one size fits all" cheap gloves.

There are times when I need heavy duty gloves like pruning rose bushes or just cheap ones
for everyday use and when working in wet soil.
Anyway can't beat the price of the dotted ones (less than a buck apiece)at Ollie's and
you can wash them a few times, but not forever !

Had these metal copper garden tags about 8 years after picking 'em up at a garden show.
Nice thing about them is that once you use permanent markers to label them for a
new plant you can always spray over with white paint and reuse for different plants.
I've seen them as cheap as 10 for 7 dollars...not bad. Think maybe I paid too much .

These have to be my favorite tags. Can you guess where I got them ?
Ok, it's not a hard question...$5 mini blinds cut by scissor to size needed.
Can't beat the price and they last much longer than the ones that come with potted plants.

Most of the time I seem to have to buy new pruners every year,
think maybe it has to do with SHAME... not taking care of them !
Sometimes they last a few years.
This is a tool a gardener can't live without.
The pretty one is a gift and not as good as you might expect.
Just give me the $10 pruners from HD or Lowes and I'm happy.

Scissors are used for so many projects as well as in the garden.
Because Hubby always and I mean ALWAYS loses them the best buy is at the dollar store.
That's right...only ONE dollar for one pair !
Use them for deadheading flowers,cutting ground cover back...just about everything.
Also for cutting jute when tying up plants to a stake.
We started with 8 pairs this we're down to 3.

Go through a lot of jute, tying plants to trellises or stakes.
Also used for trying to straighten out floppy arborvitaes and shrubs due to winter storms.
Just leave them on and let them rot or clip off later for a clean look.
Mostly used for hubby's tomato plants.

Sometimes used in the garden but mostly used for a variety of projects.
Can't live with out these knives.
By the way... they go missing also!


  1. I love all your tools - agree on the pruners, the cheapos are fine, and I'm less likely to lose them. My new favorite is a discount store hori hori knife/trowel hybrid - sounds weird but it works!

  2. All good stuff, Patsi! Can never have enough garden gloves ... probably 20 here :)

  3. Scissors, I have the same problem with the husband. They disappear like socks in the dryer.

  4. Patsi Love your post my fav is the mini blinds used as markers...good tip.

  5. I'm glad it's not just us that loose stuff round the garden on a regular basis Patsi!

    I use Felco secateurs - expensive, but wonderful and I keep a firm hold on them so I've never managed to loose them....yet!

  6. I usually buy the cheaper gloves and pruners too because I don't take very good care of them either. I get lazy and try and force the poor pruners to cut through something much too big for them. I love the scissor idea, those would be handy to have rather than coming inside and searching for a pair.

  7. Great list of have to haves. :-)
    We buy our scissors at the dollar store also! And you're not alone with the pruner shame.

  8. Gloves~I cannot have enough since I wear out the finger tips and lose them in the garden! I buiy cheap garden scissors and use them in the kitchen~way better then the same scissors for $20!

  9. Hi Patsi,
    What a fun post! I have neglected to wear gloves over the years, but am better about it now, to prevent my hands from getting so rough. I have to have several pairs, because I misplace them a lot. I'm always happy when I can find a left and right hand one, even if they don't match.

    I have some plant markers like your first ones, only larger, that I got from a garage sale. I used them one year, when my garden was toured by an herb group I was in, but haven't since. That group also encouraged us to use markers made from mini blinds for the plants we potted up for our annual sale. I've used those to mark where things were in the fall, so I'd know where not to dig in the spring.

    I buy lots of pruners and scissors, and lose them, too. It's always fun to find them when I'm turning my compost or pulling weeds. This summer, I lost my twine in a garden bed, and when I found it, every time I tried to pull enough string out to cut, it broke. I put it back to finish decomposing. I'm glad that was an OK thing to do.

  10. Hi Patsi. There for a moment I thought you had been in my gardening box. LOL! I love the gloves with the rubber bumps and I have about four pair.Two pairs of those scissors, three pairs of pruner, (though your are so much cleaner than mine) and could not garden without the jute string. I also use the mini blinds for plant markers but I have a hard time of keeping the names on outside even with a permanent pen. What do you use?

  11. Hi Patsi,
    That comment by Apple was sent to two of my blogs by two different names, and one was sent to another blog I read. Should we report them as spam?


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