Sunday, October 24, 2010

Season for Seeds

The garden is getting a little weathered with the change of season
but there's one good thing that it brings me...SEEDS !!!!!
Not sure what the heck I'll do with the ones collected,
but I can't help myself from saving them anyway.
Of course some seeds are stolen from plants outside a restaurant
or where ever I may be...just can't stop myself.

Tall orange cosmos

Black-eyed susans

Butterfly bush



Cardinal climbers

Seeds are in there somewhere.


  1. Patsi you made me smile I thought I was the only one who stole seeds or pinched a cutting from plants I admire outside restaurants or botanical gardens...

  2. Love that first photo. I haven't collected a seed yet ~ better get busy!! Looks like you have some nice ones.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your nice comment too! :-)

  3. What a hoot---I 'borrow' pieces, seeds, etc. :D I choose to call it 'recycling'. :D

  4. Some of my favorite flowers came from seeds collected from other gardens. I am hoping the tall yellow flowers, some kind of rudbeckia that I took from the parking strip of a yard on a busy street grow.

    Great photos and post!

  5. Patsi girl the |seed police" are watching YOU !!
    LOL .. you have a serious problem with not being able to resist SEEDS !! .. I wish I had the patience for that sort of thing, but no .. I can't get into it .. but ! I admire your hard work and will be watching .... along side the "Seed Police" hehehehe

  6. At least you got round to labeling yours!!!


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