Wednesday, October 13, 2010


These two potted plants plus a Clematis have been sitting in this same spot for about 6 weeks.
Hubby got them for me.... I just couldn't figure out where to plant them so they sat there until today.
Well the Clematis found a home(pic at bottom of page)and the Jacob's Ladder is dead (or maybe not!).
There were a few Jacob's Ladders two feet behind where this pot sits and well
...they lived two years with no flowers.
The Samurai Spiderwort has been doing well just where it's been sitting,
so it will get planted in the bed right behind it.

Samurai Spiderwort(tradescantia samurai) has tiny but very sweet little flowers.
Reminds me of toad lilies or blackberry lilies.
It seems they marked the pot wrong...this is a Toadlily or Tricrytis.
Thanks Shady.
Now what kind ?... I have no idea.

The Pink Anemone Clematis found a home on this new trellis that hopefully will hide the air conditioner.
Not sure what to grow on the other side. Something compatible and tall.

Then there are my potted plants which will just have to stay on the steps.
Some are annuals and will die off but also there are chives,foxgloves,rosemary and deadnettle.


  1. Hi Patsi, I've had plants sitting in pots for months at a time, too! Hopefully yours will like their new homes now that you've planted them! That's a really pretty trellis! It looks like your clematis likes that spot! What a cute little spiderwort that is. Happy autumn to ya;-)

  2. Patsi, I have to tell you that your Samurai truly is a tricyrtis (toad lily). You might want to do a google search. Your blossom is truly blue... and even my 'Blue Wonder' doesn't look that great! My Samurai is a little more purplish, though I did read somewhere that it's supposed to be bluish.

    I do have spiderwort. You might like to look up this plant, also. They're very different...

    Best wishes on ALL your new arrivals! Love that new clematis!! :-)

  3. Shady,
    No wonder it looks the same. I did put the latin name on the post which is different.
    One thing I know it has lots of flowers and the plant is so much fuller than my old toad lilies. Then again it's been getting more late day sun.

  4. I finally planted a shrub I bought in July. Hope your new additions are happy in their new homes. :)

  5. Glad Shady cleared that up! I had never seen a Spiderwort that looked like a Toad Lily;-) Whatever it's called's adorable!

  6. Wishing all good luck in their new homes. Autumn joy, Patsi!

  7. What a nice hubby. With your green thumb I am sure all will settle in nicely. Loving the blue colour of the toadlily.

  8. I feel your pain, we've had plants in pots all summer because we couldn't decide where to put them. Over the next few weeks, we'll be working on all the flower bed so maybe everything will finally get a home.

  9. Dear Patsi, I have two butterfly bushes, a yarrow, and a liatris that sat in pots all summer. I did move the pots to fill up some spaces as they occurred. I just know I need to get a move on, but cannot decide where to put them. You are miles ahead of me. Pam x


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