Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not ugly to me

Someday I'll get a few pretty bushes or trees that have wonderful autumn colors.
Today this is the best we can do !
Some may call it UGLY... but this gardener cherishes the change of season,
even if it doesn't appear heavenly.

So glad there are still fresh flowers to bring inside. Won't last forever.
By the way, the vase is from a thrift store, 2 bucks.. Nice find, don't you think ?


  1. Patsi, I think that watching plants' life cycle can teach us to age gracefully... Oh, it's easy to say... I love your little bouquet. A dozen of posts, and we will write about spring again!

  2. You get a front row seat for nature's best show. They may not look like magazine covers, but they are beautiful to me.

  3. Hi Patsi,
    I think change is good and I'm sure you are enjoying the cooler weather. Your bouquet is very pretty and good deals are fun to find!
    At least your hosta looks like it should in the right season. My hosta looked yellow this summer. :/ They don't do well here.

  4. Our leaves are changing slowly too. You managed to get some pretty photos. I took a walk this morning and picked up a few red and yellow leaves. Nice to decorate with.

  5. Not ugly at all, rather a glorious part of nature's life cycle. Love this post. :)

  6. Patsi, I agree completely. I've always felt I was a bit strange enjoying capturing decaying plants with my camera at this time of year.

    I too, think there's a wonderful beauty about the change they are going through. Not ugly to me either.

    Thanks for the wonderful images - very nice. Wishing you a great weekend :-D

  7. Patsi Love the fall with all the colours. Great bargain at the thrift store.

  8. Hardly ugly to me, Patsi. Right on :)

  9. Fall color comes in many shapes and forms. :)

  10. Not ugly at all-beautiful colors that are most real. A beautiful show of fall color in your garden!

  11. Patsi girl no colour change to me is ugly .. I have loved all of it and I have been surprised how beautiful some of the hosta have been with their shining gold colour !
    We had snow fall today .. go ahead .. I can hear you laughing .. me too girl ! I still have bulbs to plant sitting here in their box for heaven sake!
    I love your little vase and the flowers are gorgeous : )
    Can't wait for new Nurse Jackie or TB .. it is going to be a long winter ... Joy : )

  12. Thanks for posting this. My hostas look like that, too. Your plants look lovely in the photos, like they are ready for a change. They seem honored to have been showcased in this way.

    Oh, thanks for your nice comment on my critter post and my new header photo. We sure have enjoyed the nice weather with our grandson. He is finally interacting with Heidi. He would have been sooner, but she is so overbearing when he is over, and wants to get right in his face.


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