Monday, October 18, 2010


Personally, I could not live without my computer,and all the endless amount of information it provides.

For the gardener... you can find out just about everything you need to know about plants of interest.

We all like to take pictures of our favorite flowers, new beds we designed, as well as record what we've learned year to year.

Blogging brings more excitement to our home garden,and it's fun to share with others.
Many other gardeners doing the same has opened up a great source of pertinent information and entertainment.

But how do you find these other Bloggers?

A man named Stuart Robinson from Busselton, Western Australia developed a web site for garden bloggers which people from all over have joined to discover a whole new world of gardening.

I personally consider this the best way to find other gardeners and garden friends.
For any of you who haven't been at Stuart's web site please visit.
You'll never know what you're missing until you visit the greatness of BLOTANICAL !!

Now if I could only get my garden friends who rarely go online to visit Blotanical.
They've seen some of my posts and enjoyed them but don't yet seem to fully
recognize the value of using their computers regularly.
C'mon people ! You can't find everything in a book.
Look at this garden website. Discover what other gardens in your Zone have learned.
It will bring so much enjoyment to your life.
Discover the world of gardening !


  1. Patsi I so agree Love all the people, info and places one finds in the world of blogging.

  2. Dear Patsi, you are absolutely right! Blotanical is the very best way to find garden blogs, and his maps allow you to find some in your area, too, as well as all over the world. It is a wonderful resouce and the bloggers are so friendly! :-)

  3. Blotanical is very good and I do enjoy using it - but it's further down in my mindset than Blogger or Facebook I'm afraid. But then each time I do use it I wonder why I've not been on for ages!!!

  4. Dear Patsi, I would never have found you and your wonderful garden blog if I hadn't first discovered Blotanical. Pam x

  5. Blotanical is where I found all my favorite garden blogs, isn't it wonderful? I think it's funny that you don't think of a lake as being big enough for a lighthouse, but these are no ordinary lakes. There's a reason they are called the Great Lakes, they're huge! You cannot see across them, believe me. Lake Michigan had lighthouses all along the edges. Go visit Michigan some time, you won't be sorry!


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