Monday, September 27, 2010

To Dry or not to Dry

What to do with a lot of tomatoes.
Well we'll try dehydrating them like a few years ago....the flavor is intense.
Can be frozen for winter.
Or eat them every night with cheese and crackers like I've been doing !

Doing some herbs also.
No reason to just let all of them die.
I just clean and lay on paper towels for a few weeks to dry.
Didn't time this right....Basil can be dried and still be a little green.


  1. That's a lot of tomatoes, Patsi. Sounds good, I love tomatoes. I must dry some of my basil ~ thanks for the reminder.

  2. Your tomatoes look so good. I wish I had to make that dry or not to dry. I am growing fall tomatoes and have a few blooms. I bet they are good dry with cheese and crackers.
    Your right about the herbs, I need to go clip and dry them.

  3. I love dried tomatoes! Have you ever frozen your fresh basil in small ice cube trays?

  4. No, I haven't Cameron. Sounds interesting.

  5. If I lived close I'd gladly take some tomatoes off your hands. Not ONE tomato ripened this year. What a disappointment. I'm hoping next summer will be warmer and drier, I miss those fresh tomatoes.

  6. Do you air dry these or are you using a dehydrator?


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