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Friday, September 24, 2010

Glad I didn't throw them out

Almost pulled these cosmos out.
They found their way into my cardinal climbers I started from seed.
Glad I didn't do it !
Add much color to the yard and the butterflies love them.

Having trouble IDing this guy. Any help?


  1. Looks like a painted lady butterfly. Love the cosmos -

  2. Hi Patsi, I'm almost positive it's a Painted Lady. Don't you just love your butterfly bush? Mine is enjoying its second season and is so much more full than last year! :-)

  3. Thanks for the ID...yes, loving the butterfly bush but do have to keep prunning.

  4. Cosmos are terrific especially at the end of the garden season... love your butterfly attractor. So nice to have flutterbys in the garden.

  5. Your cosmos look lovely - thank you for joining my Garden Blog Hop too!

  6. Dear Patsi, I love volunteer plants in my garden, but I suspect I sometimes remove them when the green first appears as I think they are weeds. Those that get by me are often a true delight like your cosmos. Pam x


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