Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't get it !

Our resident Hummers have left us for the season.
Now they BLOOM ?
Cardinal Climbers...second year in a row these vines bloomed too late.
The only reason I grow them is for the Hummers !!

Pineapple Sage is still good for cooking....smells great.
I guess since the feeders are down these flowers are a good thing
for those travelers going south.

Another late bloomer.
Tiger Eyes

Someone told me you could grow flowering vines at the base of shrubs....
so I tried it. More green than flowers.


  1. Patsi, I think the hummers are all at my house---in the garden. I enjoyed your pictures---I always like to see people's gardens. Come over and look at mine.

  2. The hummers were still here a few days ago. It's been raining today, so I don't know if they left. My cardinal climber started blooming last week, but my pineapple sage still hasn't bloomed! I know what you mean!

  3. I thought my hummers were gone for the season. Then I just saw one buzzing at my honeysuckle this evening...

  4. Beautiful photos. The 'Tiger Eye' Thunbergia alata is called 'Black-eyed Susan' here. I like 'Tiger eye ' better.

  5. It's such a pretty vine though. I don't know if you can grow Monarda there, but the hummingbirds literally fight over 'Jacob Cline' and it blooms most of the summer.
    PS Thanks for the offer of the tomato seeds. I think he's right, I need something that ripens earlier. I did try 'Black Krim' but there just wasn't enough heat this summer. I'd be glad to trade you seeds from my garden.

  6. Vibrant colors for September, Patsi. Love it! Happy October :)

  7. Hi Patsi. Your Cardinal vine is so pretty. I tried to grow them once and failed miserably. My hummers are gone too it seems so time to get my feeders down. I bet they would have loved the flowers on yours.

  8. Patsi Hummers are left my area too just about a week to 10 days ago. Grew Cardinal vine too last year lucky to have them flower early but not enough flowers to suit me. Yours looks loaded... Love the look of the pineapple sage flower . Never heard of growing vines on shrubs but sounds like an intriguing idea. Might give it a whirl next spring.

  9. Ha ha! Our cardinal climber (still from your seeds) is blooming now also. Love that pineapple sage; I'm a sucker for red flowers.


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