Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dawn to Dusk-things that make me happy

( added for you Fer-My garden in JapanHelens Flower)below.
Flowers etc. that are still hanging in there...
Helens flower

The last day of August and the garden still has plenty to offer.
Dawn...what a pretty start to the day.

All kinds of butterflies

Flowers that won't stop blooming...
False Sunflower


Roses-knock outs

More knock outs and Hubby's Toy



Butterfly bush

Walkers low


Colorful veggies

Black-eyed Susan

My home made Hypertufa planter

Vivid just started blooming

Part shade plants


Lily turf

Lace cap


The end of the day brings a different light to the garden.
All is good.


  1. patsy, Your garden is beautiful~I love the lawnette and borders surrounding it~So much still going on~Mine is fading fast thank goodness for the Susans! gail

  2. Gosh, how beautiful... where to start... the butterflies are magical and I love the 'false sunflower' this year I mean to gather seeds from plants blooming at our co-op. Your garden looks so lovely in the early evening light and how you care for it shows in the beauty and lushness of every bloom. Your stepping stone path looks perfect and inviting and the edging frame the beds so handsomely. Beautiful photos too! What a nice toy!! I like that car. ;>))

  3. Patsi, It made me happy, too, to browse your garden from dawn to dusk. Love the last picture ... your garden is perfect! Pam

  4. Patsi;
    Your garden is still so full of flowers and looks so green. Beautiful at dawn and dusk.

  5. Patsi girl those are gorgeous shots !
    All of those butterflies : ) I only caught a few but this year they have been amazing in numbers !
    I love that afternoon shot of your garden .. morning and late afternoon sun is gorgeous in our gardens isn't it ?
    Hey .. can't wait to see what happens next in TB! They better bring Eric through this walk in the sun thing or I will be MAD ! LOL
    Those veggies have been stunning Patsi .. almost makes me want to try them again but I have no space !!! LOL

  6. Ahhhhhhh I so enjoyed spending time in your gardens..I came real close to picking that beautiful tomato!
    have a wonderful day.

    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  7. If no one else is going to pick that tomato... I sure will! What variety is it? Your garden is so peaceful. I'll visit again!

  8. You have a very pretty, healthy garden! Also, quite a variety of sun and shade perennials. I wish my butterfly bush looked that green. I think the heat has mine a little stressed.

  9. Patsi, I can't believe how much you have blooming. All the color is beautiful. I love that home made planter!

  10. Your garden is so beautiful this month. Mine looks ragged and tired. It's been a hot, hot, hot summer with little rain.

  11. Kudos, Patsi, your garden is lush and lovely! Here's to a beautiful September :)

  12. I just love love love the long shots of your garden. The flowers still are going strong and looking so lush and wonderful. But can I ask a favor? I'll trade all my flowers and yours for that toy of your husbands! Can't let my hubby see it either. It's a beauty.

  13. I loved seeing some bigger pictures of your garden. It's just beautiful and looks so fresh, especially for this time of year.

  14. So many great plants!
    The Helens flower looks so beautiful with its little bi-color petals. And so many other amazing plants as well.
    Love the color on the roxanne and the butterfly bush. The tomato looks so delicious and the lace cap is like a little clump of butterflies hovering around a flower!

    Thank you very much for joining the carnival! So many nice things in your garden.

  15. Patsi girl I envy you your beautiful plants that are still blooming ! they are gorgeous and so is the design of your garden : )
    I laughed when I saw hubby's "toy" .. my husband's is his SUV and boat .. men and "things" where as we fall in love with nature and plants ? LOL
    Great post for fer : )
    PS .. some of my plants are still green in this very unnatural weather we are having .. kind of spooky ? LOL

  16. Love your orange cosmos. I have a packet of these seeds purchased for next spring. After seeing your photo I'm even more excited to plant them.

  17. I am looking out at snow in my garden so it is lovely to see pictures of colourful flowers to brighten up the day.

  18. During the 4th of July my uncle (who has a pyrotechnics license) does an amazing fireworks display and my family sits there yelling, "Ooooh, that's my favorite!" every time he fires a shot. We end up with 100 favorites before the evening is over. I feel like that after looking at your blog post! "Oooh, that's my favorite!" :)

  19. You have a really beautiful garden with a great selection of plants. But, I had to stop at hubby's new toy! Wow, what is it? It is a great garden ornament.


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