Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some July Blooms

First canna bloom from seed.

New to my garden...didn't realize poppies are short lived.

Volunteer Nicotiana 'Hummingbird II Appleblossom' from last year.

These are False Sunflowers, our Golden Finch like to pull the pedals off.

One of my favorite Deadnettles "golden anniversary".

Tons of green tomatoes on the vines...can't wait!


  1. Hi Patsi, Do you remember sometime during this past year (?) when there was an invitation to "post a rainbow?" I think it was Nan of Hayefield. Anyway, your photographs reminded me of that fun opportunity! You have a beautiful rainbow of color at your place! :-)

    A canna from seed? I'm impressed!

  2. You've got a gorgeous pallette of colours in your garden Patsi - I'm quite envious! :)

  3. I've got green tomatoes and I'm so impatient!

    Love the phlox. What a pretty color. My helenium is opening so slowly. I think I have 4 blooms now.

  4. Patsi, Thanks for the tour of your July blooms! I love volunteers and your nicotiana is stunning. Happy summer gardening. Pam x

  5. Hi Patsi your garden is full of colour. Volunteers are great! and the scent of nicotiana is divine.I am impressed you grew a canna from seed. Patience!

  6. So lovely! Patsi is the nicotiana fragrant at night? gail

  7. Great flowers!

    Have you tried the California poppies? Mine are still blooming! They've even self-sown already and there are new seedlings.

    Your false sunflowers are a nice yellow. I planted scabra 'Summer Sun' and was surprised that they are a bit on the gold side. I have them in a test area right now to see if the deer find them. If not, I'll move them to a more prominent place.

  8. Gail, I couldn't tell you if the nicotiana is fragrant at night....too many bugs biting.

  9. Everything is so so so gorgeous! I especially love the phlox and helenium. Wow!

  10. I didn't know Canna could be started from seed, what a pretty flower. It's sad that Poppies are so short lived, but I always think the seed heads look nice in the garden when the petals fall off. Everything looks so bright and cheerful in your garden.

  11. Hi Patsi......The canna is amazing. To grow from seed and arrive at the stage, where you see them bloom, is always so satisfying.

    Poppies are very short lived. I grow 'blackcurrant fizz' and 'black peony' they are worth it, even if their blooms are only fleeting.

    Your garden must be very pretty at this many lovely flowers. Tku for sharing them with us......

  12. Hi Patsi,
    Your blooms are lovely! Is that hydangea a 'Pia'? I sure like it.

  13. Hi Patsi, oh so healthy are your plantings! Congrats on the canna babies blooming, that is a huge accomplishment! Love the false sunflower, ours proved to be short lived, like the poppies. :-)

  14. Beautiful gardens - a visit to your blog reminded me to finally update mine which I have neglected for the past year. Your gardens and blog are inspiring.

  15. Pretty photos, Patsi. Summer is flying by way too fast for me. Fun to connect and catch up :)

  16. I agree with Joey. Summer is going too fast for me. I am not having the best year in the vegetable garden department, but most of the flowers seem to be doing well.

    I love your collection of blooms, and could not pick a favorite.

    I am in zone 5b, by the way.


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