Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Newbies Plus

Swamp Rose Mallow or Hibiscus palustris is considered a hardy Hibiscus.
Hybridized from wildflowers having 12 inch wide flowers white or pink with red center.
Winter-hardy as far north as Zone 4.
Never knew about these non-tropical Hibiscus until last year.
While at a fall garden tour I pinched seeds from an unknown 5 foot shrub
and at the time had no clue what they were till I started the seeds indoors last year.
Now look at them with lots of blooms to come !



My DH went shopping again and just had to buy me these plants.
New- Hot Papaya Coneflower or Echinacea purpurea 'Hot Papaya' PPAF

New- Golden Jubilee Hyssop or Agastache 'Golden Jubilee'
Hope they come back next Hyssop from last year didn't survive.

New- Helichrysum Siempreviva'Icicles' Annual (can't beat the price 3 for $1.95)
Wonder if I'll get flowers....July is not the best time to plant anything.

New shrub for this once all shady yard.
Not crazy about the shape...will wait 'till fall to prune.
Rhapsody in Pink Crape Myrtle-Lagerstroemia indica

From my own seeds started indoors are these pretty Dahlberg Yellow Daisies.

Coleus 'Red Head'...good filler.

Some kind of Wax Begonia

The last of the hosta flowers...Sum and Substance

Some Critters

Chickadee -feeder is not good for pictures BUT love watching the Grackles and Starlings try and get in it....THEY CAN'T !


  1. Patsi girl that is amazing you have started that hibiscus from seed (and after "pinching" ? it LOL). I have Golden Jubilee for a few years now and love it .. you will too : )
    Hey .. is TB interesting or what girl ? LOL

  2. Love your Hot Papaya!!! Doesn't the top tier of petals look like feathers:) I will try to find that one for sale in my area.

    Your garden looks great. My 3 Golden Jubilee have come back for the last two years. Good luck with yours.

  3. Love those yellow daisies! I can't believe how well your flowers grow from seed.
    Your garden looks great!

  4. You are so talented, Patsi! Seed starting and photography! We admired the Hot Papaya in Buffalo in one of the gardens there. The color was phenomenal. We don't have good luck with the Agastaches, but if Joy does maybe you will too with GJ. Hope so. :-)

  5. You're plants look beautiful and healthy! I love all the pics

  6. Patsi, I have had no luck with hibiscus and I haven't even tried growing it from seed. I am so impressed. Your garden is amazing. Pam x

  7. Hardy hibiscus are amazing. We picked up 3 this year. It's funny, they grow wild along the roadside in front of our local Lowes. I might have to dig up a few as backups.

  8. Patsi, Love your pics of what is happening in your garden. What a sweetie is DH to bring home flowers.......

  9. You have a nice assortment of plants and critters. That rabbit looks so relaxed! That hibiscus you grew from seed is beautiful! It looks similar to the one we have behind our carport. I was planning on digging some of it up in the spring and moving it, but maybe I should collect some seed and try to plant it. I could even try it this summer if I find some seeds in time.

  10. Reading your post has made me realise that I need more colour in my garden!
    That Hibiscus is glorious - and even better for being a freebie! :)

  11. Hi Patsi, You can't tell it's high summer in your garden-it is looking so good! That hibiscus is a keeper. Those flowers are huge! Cute little robin-its looking at you as if to say what's up!

  12. I'm finally finding a bit of time to visit! It was good to hear from you. Summer keeps us busy, doesn't it? A gardener's work is never done! I find it impossible to keep up.
    You had great luck with that lovely Rose Mallow. Your "pinching" of the seeds made me smile. That's a term we use in Australia :)
    How sweet of your hubby to bring you new plants.
    I've had good luck with my hyssop/agastache overwintering. This summer one clump has grown very tall and is flowering beautifully. Love that licorice scent!
    Your summer gardens are looking gorgeous.
    Love your critter pictures, especially the baby birds peeking out of the nest box.
    We had those 90+ temps here too and gardening was pretty much out of the question. Glad to see the milder temps now.
    Enjoy your summer gardening! The season ends much too soon.

  13. Hi Patsi, just found the comment you left on my heat lovers post on the 23rd of July. ;) I'm in zone 7b. My yard does have some microclimates that are probably 8 as well. Gorgeous blooms in your garden. :)


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