Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting There

Very hot lately with temps in the high 80's or around 31 c.

The year is starting out strong...just hope the temps return to normal, too much heat might hurt some of our plants !
Funny.. we THOUGHT we were ahead of schedule but are still trying to finish up !!!

Geranium x 'Rozanne' violet blue
Sure are getting tall.

Willow, Dappled 'On Standard' Salix 'Hakuro Nishiki'
Looks like a light in the backyard, always catches my eye.

White Nancy Deadnettle
Will spread and spread in loamy soil with part sun.

Tickseed 'Rising Sun' Coreopsis grandiflora

Wax Privet (Ligustrum japonicum)
Very hardy shrub, love the flowers this time of year and berries in the fall.



Red Penstemon-barbatus 'Coccineus'
Good for hummimgbirds,if we only had some.

Believe... Asiatic Lily

Think this is a Mophead Hydrangea
One of many past non bloomers due to too much shade.

Catmint or Nepeta 'Walker's Low'
Wonder if I should stake them,half wants to lay on ground.

Swan Red and White Columbine

Unknown Yellow Climbing Rose

Dwarf Cosmo

Can't forget DH's Sweet Peas


  1. You have so much blooming now. And, you've got great containers planted. I love that willow! I've seen them in magazines, but to see it in your garden shows how special it really is!

    You have a yellow lily! Could it be that my mystery yellow lily came from seeds that you sent me? Mine has more freckles, but they do look so similar.

  2. What a wonderful array of early-June blooms! I love my lamium, but like yours even more! I will look for 'White Nancy' for my shade garden. We had storms today, followed by cooler temps. Hope your heat wave breaks soon, too.

  3. Well, June is here....what a wonderful display of flowers.
    I have nepeta 'walkers low' is doing the same as yours, drooping.......lovely though.

    I love coreopsis....cannot grow it here, as the rabbits love it. I planted three last year, lost them all.

  4. Cameron,
    Don't think it's the same. The only lily seeds I've saved are from Blackberry Lilies.

  5. Your plants are beautiful. Love the willow! My Rozanne is starting to bloom too.

  6. So many pretty flowers. I love the willow in the second photo. It's beautiful.

    My dear hubby planted sugar peas too. They're really good!


  7. Hi Patsi; enjoyed the view of your flowering plants and planters. Yum , how delightful to able to eat those great looking peas.....

  8. Hi Patsi! Your nepata 'Walker's Low' acts just like mine! I purchased a "grow ring" so most of it stands up straighter. :-) I didn't know Rozanne got so tall. Hmmm, I may re-think this one and take it off the list. Lamium likes part sun? Perhaps THAT's my problem with growing it?? Have a great day, Patsi!

  9. Shady,
    The Rozanne gets 6 hours direct sun and the ones that are shaded are reaching for the sun.
    My Deadnettle gets part sun...2 to 4 hours of direct or indirect sun (does best with indirect sun).


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