Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not So Nice

So nice to know I'm not alone with the "no-shows" in my garden.
Thanks everyone.


Had to get the binoculars to see what kind of bird was at the Carolina Wrens nest.
Never witnessed this before.
The House Sparrow won't let the Wrens get to their eggs.


  1. Patsi girl .. who would know such drama is happening right there in your garden. Nature can be so cruel at times but that old saying "only the strong survive" type deal happen all over the world all the time .. a garden is quite the setting for it though .. while we are looking for rest, relaxation, and pulling some weeds ? LOL

  2. Nature is cruel...and it's hard to accept sometime. I cannot watch some nature shows. Too much a softie. gail

  3. I know what you mean about the not so nice. There are hawks here and once in awhile, they take out a dove or other bird. Of course, I don't complain when they take out the rabbits.

  4. Hi Patsi. I had heard that Sparrows like to kick other birds out and take the nest but have never saw it happen. It is hard to watch isn't it. That mother instinct kicks in. ;-)

  5. Hi Patsi, both English sparrows and house wrens enter the nest of other birds and destroy the eggs and babies. The sparrows will kill the adult wren if they can trap her the house. It is very sad.

  6. How cruel nature can be.

  7. Oh, this is so sad, Patsi. I have heard about this behavior with sparrows, but your photos capture it in action. Some people go to extreme lengths to keep this from happening. There are people who are bird lovers, nature lovers, etc. who have no qualms about using a b-b gun or other method to rid the sparrows. Of course, you can't watch the house around the clock...and I don't think I'd be able to do that, myself. But it's so frustrating to see! Just not fair. Nature isn't fair--just the facts of life, I guess.

  8. That happened at one of our birdhouses years ago. It's hard to not feel protective of the birds who've already built the nest.

  9. I ditto what Marnie said. Those house sparrows are mercilous. I have to seal up holes to birdhouses due to their shenanigans. Grrrr!

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  11. Gosh Patsi, the high dramas of nesting time. Fascinating behaviour… I’ve never heard of this.

    Just thinking, will the housesparrow give up his guard duty at all? Will the wren ever get back in and if she does will he stop her getting out? What if she is still laying? Will she need to give up this nest and build another very quick one? BTW how do you know there are eggs in the box? Lol… one more question… two against one. Would a pair of wrens not consider harassing the housesparrow?

    Another thought, usually the male will scout around for nestboxes and find a few. The female then will pick which one she wants to nest in despite what he thinks. I've seen that happen. It would be sad if the wren lost her box and more importantly her eggs and the female house sparrow wasn’t interested in this one in the end :-(

    Coincidentally I've just seen the first of the houseparrow fledglings arrive in my garden. I guess as others have said nature is all about survival.

    BTW our Blue Tit chicks are continuing to grow. Soon they might look more like birds and not little aliens... lol Wishing you a great weekend :-D

  12. Patsi, How sad! I didn't know sparrows did this ... now I will be on the lookout. I think I would scream at it and clap my hands until it flew away. My husband says it would just keep going back ... he's for the b-b gun. P.x

  13. Shirl,
    Sparrow did give up his guard duty...didn't know he was doing that or that the male scouts out a house before female picks which one she wants.

    Was guessing about eggs because of timing and behavior but she may not have been finished laying eggs.
    One day of no activity and now the Wrens are back in action.
    Just this morning saw male House Sparrow starting a nest in our first new Bluebird box...know it's late in the season for Bluebirds...wonder should I stop the Sparrow.


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