Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Feeder and Stand

While trying to be creative last year I came up with an idea of a stand that would support more than one bird feeder.
The base had to be bottom heavy (didn't want it to fall over)and take some plants in the top half to make it more attractive.
So I had an old Pot(Urn) that served the purpose for the base. Metal pipes,plastic drainage pipes and shepherds hooks completed this creation. Plus this can be moved anywhere in the yard.
Nothing will tip this stand over !

The stand I built works great...a little heavy though.
But there's one problem with our new $49.00 Duncraft Squirrel Proof Feeder...
It's NOT Squirrel Proof !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The center of the bottom just below the seeds is all plastic and our friendly Squirrels chewed half way through it in 2 days to get at the seeds ASAP.
We figured in about 2 more days the bottom would be gone, and they'd get their reward !
So I found a small round piece of metal to cover it, to keep those dastardly squirrels from destroying this new feeder.
Maybe I should contact DUNCRAFT !!


  1. Those pesky squirrels are smart! I hope you can figure out a way to outsmart them!

  2. I've seen them chew the plastic on the bottoms and tops of caged feeders. Squirrels have the minds of MIT engineers. There isn't much that they can't do. Hope the metal bottom works.

  3. Squirrels are impossible. But I did get somethingthat worked over here in the UK from these people:

    I think your design is rather special though.

  4. Good luck, Patsi ... I have yet to find a squirrel proof feeder ... perhaps you have invented one :)

  5. Patsi Love your bird feeder stand so smart of you. Squirrels are smart little buggers too..

  6. I love how that looks! Great idea. I think squirrels figure how to get into just about any feeders.

  7. Patsi, You are so creative ... love the new stand! If you find a squirrel-proof feeder, let us all know. Pam

  8. I LOVE your new plant/feeder stand!

    Is ANYTHING really squirrel proof???????

  9. Great feeder. I love the flowerpot base. Sorry about the squirrel damage, there isn't a lot you can do to keep them out. I gave up and set up a feeder just for them so they would leave the rest alone. So far it has worked.


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