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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aah... May...sweet !

Even though Verizon has been down for a week (no computer)and we still have damaged shrubs to remove not to mention the high pollen count which is slowing everyone down. ...everything is moving forward and bringing this gardener that "Happy Garden Feeling".
We have birds making nests in the trees and bird houses plus perky perennials showing off and some touches of color that catch the eye.
Here's a little taste of the yard at it's prettiest currently. Sorry some pics are 10 days old.

Double Knock Out Rose 'Pink Radtko'


Weigela variegated

Coral bells Heuchera Dolce"Peach Melba"

Unknown Azalea

Forget Me Nots

Columbine or Aquilegia 'Swan Red and White'


Princess/little beauty tulips


This I didn't know !

"Native plants existed on American soil (commonly known back then as the
New World) before the arrival of Christopher Columbus--about 517 years ago! Since
then, new plants brought into the New World after Columbus's arrival are referred to as "non-native."
So much to learn...


  1. Love the redbud but then all spring flowers are fantastic. Beautiful!

  2. Verizon has had many cursings radiation from my computer seat but your flower photos are a blessing. I especially love the tulips.

  3. you've got about the same list of stuff open as i do (click my link for photos).

    it's interesting to me that you didn't not know the definition of "non native." you should look into how many of them are invasive, as well. while i cultivate many non native species, i do work hard to control them, as they can get away from us and destroy the native balance in our parks and wetlands.

  4. I love that columbine! All your flowers look beautiful. I have heuchera Marmalade which looks just like your Peach Melba.

  5. Hi that was very interesting. I did not know that.

    The columbine is beautiful. I have never seen one that colour before.
    I was very tempted to buy that heuchera....but stopped myself as rabbits love them.
    I shall just enjoy yours.

  6. Beautiful photos today. That is an interesting tidbit about the native vs non-native plants. :)

  7. Hi Patsi. What beauties you have blooming in your garden now. I love the Knockouts and you variegated Weigela is beautiful. Wish I had room for more pretty blooming shrubs. That heuchera is stunning. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Beautiful springtime flowers, Patsi! I love this time of year. I've been in the garden most of the day today. There are bird nests and baby birds everywhere. Luckily our pollen is over now, whew!

    Have a good weekend!

  9. So glad that things are getting back to normal for you after the bad storms. Your blooms are just stunning!

  10. I think I'd go nuts without access to the net!

    Your pics are so nice, Patsi! Really looking great.
    So much is blooming in your garden, I'm impressed!

  11. I'm having that happy feeling too looking at all your blooms. Just gorgeous!

  12. Beautiful flowers. I guess you can use the lack of internet access as an excuse to be outside enjoying those lovely plants.

  13. Patsi, Very very pretty flowers and photos! Who cares (or knows except you) if your photos are 10 days old? I'd hate to not be able to use them!! And you could make some very pretty photo cards! Have a great weekend! :-)

  14. Patsi girl ! We share a lot of the same plants and yes ! that nasty pollen .. yuck .. so it was time to be on the allergy med .. drys me out terribly but hey that is what water and water bottles are for ? LOL
    I did find out what happened to my blog and Google page .. I must have tripped the resolution tab driving it up to 125% instead of 100% .. a huge DUH ?? moment then ? haha
    Pretty plants girl !!

  15. I love this post and your lovely photos, Patsi ... the redbud photo especially grabbed me!


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