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Monday, May 10, 2010

Almost ready to plant

Why do I start so many plants with no clue as to where they're going ?
Organization is not my strong point.
Oh well...I've got plants to give away !

Cardinal Climbers
Firebrand Sweet Pea
Canna Pixie and unknown Cannas
Black-eyed Susan Vine Tiger Eyes vine
Poppies Red Mellon(gift)
Ladybird Dwarf Red Cosmos
Tall Orange Cosmos
Dahlberg Yellow Daisies
Black-eyed Susan Vine

Great gloves for some of those messy transferring plants.

When will these pods and all the other mess stop dropping ? !!!


  1. You do have a lot of seedlings to plant:) I started way too many foxgloves this year. I'll find a place for all of them--somehow.

    Wish I had those plastic gloves Friday when I was repotting my Dad's cardinal flowers. I'll never get the stains off my hands.

  2. What a fun post!

    Everyone who visits here goes home with plants for their garden. Herbs for my Italian friend who cooks. A tomato plant and some rooted lantana cuttingsfor my more practical friend who doesn't want a lot of trouble. Oh, we have something for everybody!

  3. Patsi. thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I am glad you liked the lilacs photo. They were gorgeous this year. The 5 younger grands all enjoy tree climbing-the one we have in the yard is a 'if you can get up and down by yourself, you can climb it' tree. And finally this year the little one made it.

    You do have the same seed problem-After they fall here, I Preen my flower beds to keep them from sprouting. It works pretty good and I have only a few which are easily pulled. I'll admit it took me a while to find that out and I used to pull whole forrests of tree seedlings!

    Your plants look so healthy. Mine are on the puny side yet. Need sun and warm weather. I think we all tend to over plant just to make sure some survive.

  4. You can never have too many plants! :-) After the work is done, just think of all the beautiful blooms.

  5. I living in pod heaven too, Patsi. Love Dahlberg Daisies, which reminds me it's been years since I've included them in my borders. Good luck finding all a home!

  6. Hi Patsi!! If I had adequate sun, I'd arrange a plant swap!! As it is, I'm looking local... at a couple of sunnier gardens that would like some free plants! Getting them started from seeds is just Half the fun, isn't it?

    Otherwise, YOU are going to have one of the world's most beautiful gardens this summer! :-)

  7. Oh if I only lived closer to you! Everything looks so healthy.

  8. Hi Patsy, your plants look so healthy.
    My theory with seedlings for the rabbits, one for the birds and one for me.


  9. It's sort of like the adage, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. ONly in this case, its: My eyes are bigger than my garden. I do the same thing every year.

  10. Sure wish I lived close by as those seedlings look great! You did an awesome job!

  11. Hi Patsi. About those allium. I'm afraid they don't like shade. They like full sun and well drained soil. I got mine at Menards a few years ago, they were pretty inexpensive.


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