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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh,What to do

Hmmm... Cleaning up the beds would help. Moving a few plants and of course buying new ones is a given. Considering it's still mid April all is well with plenty of time to sort everything out. I'd say all is good !

PJM Rhododendron starting to lose flowers...gotta get another one, maybe for front of house.

Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’

Sum and Substance Hosta

Eastern Red Bud tree

Rosemary getting old but still smelling great. Maybe I'll propagated from stem cuttings.

Bleeding hearts mostly gone due to fallen spruce the way that same tree fell on a smaller tree that had to be cut down.

Red Tip, Photinia x fraseri

Arborvitaves weren't tied up too good,hope I can save all of them. There are other shrubs that might have to go, I'm avoiding that as long as possible.

Deadnettle-Lamium"Pink Pewter" my dead nettles

Some goodies from hubby.He can't help himself,he does it every year!

By the way do you keep records ?
Here's my incomplete record keeping that Ive been working on.
Hope to get better at it sooner or later.
It can be found at "My Links" Just click on each year.
Suggestions are welcome.
Year to Year List


  1. I'm sorry that you had so much storm damage.

    The pink deadnettles are so pretty. I love them with other pink and purple blooms. I don't have enough shade for them yet.

    Your husband gave you some great plants!

  2. Your poor cedars look so lush and green. It's a shame the storm damaged them so much, and that the domino effect caught the other plants. I love bleeding heart flowers. Did the plants get totally destroyed, or can the top regrow? Your red bud tree looks especially beautiful. I wish they would grow here.

  3. I am totally in awe of your wonderful record keeping! I need to do something similar, but it must take you a lot of time. I feel motivated, but not sure how to begin. Your garden is looking lovely in spite of the storm damage!

  4. It is always so upsetting when you lose trees in a garden. Suddenly you have a great void that needs to be filled.

    I love dead nettles.....they are so pretty. I lose most of mine to rabbits, apart from the wild flower that grows in the garden.

    I wish I kept records....I always mean to but somehow it never quite happens.....

  5. Hi Patsi. Oh, your Redbud tree is so pretty. We have a few in the woods here and I love the lavender blooms. Your is shape much better though. That Lamium is pretty also. I love Rhoddys. Mine have yet to bloom. Beautiful spring blooms in your garden.

  6. Your bleeding heart is lovely. My bleeding hearts aren't doing well this year. No rain and too much heat.

    I have pink pewter and love it. It spreads quickly, I'm going to have to divide soon.

  7. Patsi, So sorry you lost shrubs and trees this winter~~I forget that you all have to protect your shrubs from snow. We have no idea down here in Nashville! This year I have bloom on my Bleeding Heart~~Maybe it needs more winter chill~We did get that here! Lucky is the gardening gal whose spouse gives her plants! gail

  8. Well, your garden looks very nice now. I love the Redbud. I just planted a Lamium in my garden, for some reason I've only planted them in containers before.
    What a nice husband to buy you more plants!

  9. What a good hubbie you have! I love the ones who can't resist buying plants.
    I love dead nettle also and bought two sum and substance last year. Hope they come along this year.
    We just spent a couple of hours pulling weeds. Need to get out there more!

  10. Hi Patsi
    Your garden is so lovely even with the winter damage I so love the redbud.

  11. Love your post, Patsi;-) Your arborvitaes look like they've been through the wringer. Probably because THEY HAVE! I hope you can figure out a way to save them. My neighbor had to have all of hers removed. They've planted shrubs in their place. We have leyland cypress trees that looked like that. One of them, my husband tied to the fence right behind it, and it seems to be standing up straighter now & coming along. Another, he had to cut the top off. It was lying on the roof. But he didn't have to cut the whole tree down & it seems like it's ok at this point. Another one we had to take out because the roots were out of the ground and it was too big to 'fix' was leaning down as far as the ones my neighbor had to remove.

    I love my deadnettle, too. It spreads so nicely through the garden and is looking lovely! You have lots to do in your garden now...and how nice your hubby always brings home those summer bulbs, etc. Mine would never think of something like that!

  12. Hi again Patsi, gosh that is some storm damage you have there. Hope you come to a good solution for your trees. I’m sure the birds would miss them.

    Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve had a dead nettle. I do have enough shade for them too. I enjoyed a golden variety. Can’t remember the name. I am also enjoying Jack Frost flowers in my garden at the moment too.

    There are always ‘what to do’s’ in the garden but you have certainly a lot to think about now. Nice gifts there from hubby. Wishing you both a good weekend :-D

    Oh… do I keep lists? Yes, on and off. Do I keep them regularly updated… that would be a no! I’d like to though ;-)

  13. Patsi girl I love seeing your Jack Frost : ) Mine is just waking up and the new one is BIG !
    I love your Redbud tree .. I was near to getting one myself but it is right on the zone and actually higher .. I couldn't risk loosing it .. I would CRY big time ! LOL
    You have lots on the go there and seeing the rosemary in bloom .. my two little pots look SAD now ? LOL
    Isn't Nurse Jackie fun this year ? hehe


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