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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hodgepodge of Designs


How do you figure out what kind of garden design you'd like for your yard ?

Personally I enjoy viewing other gardens as a great guidline.
So I sorted through some magazine pictures (and others I took myself)
to put together what might be interesting to try.
Surprisingly, I couldn't come up with that many !! Darn !

My Local Tours

Phil. Flower Show 2009

Garden Gate Magazine


  1. Lovely inspirational views. I can't decide which path/arbor I like the best!

  2. Patsi, I like the paths and arbor designs from the magazine. The white arbor picture is my gardening style. Actually, I find YOUR garden an inspiration. I get a lot of ideas from blog posts. Pam x

  3. Patsi; Love all the pictures. Bet that is why my garden is such a hodge podge I can't make up my mind....visiting garden blogs etc is almost too inspiring......will I ever acheive a picture perfect garden.

  4. Love the one with the white trellis and the white birdhouse. I think design is the hardest thing about putting together a garden.

    Those are all lovely. Magazines are helpful but not always very realistic. Most magazine photos have potted plants stuck everywhere (with the pots hidden of course). They do it to make things look fuller and to add blooming plants that do not bloom at the same time as the ones growing in the garden.

  5. Patsi, You've picked out some wonderful designs! I would have trouble picking, but I find the paths with trellis and arbors speak to me the loudest. gail

  6. Marnie, wondered about some of those magazine pics. Flower shows are are really deceiving...all 4 seasons at once !

  7. I love all the paths an arbors. I had envisioned our shady side yard looking like that one day, but it went a whole different direction.
    I love looking through magazines for inspiration. You can look at them a lot longer than a real garden where the owner might start to worry about what you are looking at for so long :)

  8. It is fun to browse for garden designs. I always like the paths with a gateway personally. And I always appreciate the "foliage" or "evergreens" gardens, but don't want one.

  9. Hi Patsi - there are some great ideas here. My garden is a 'bitsa' garden (bits a this, bits a that!) and I'm fancying having an arbor - but you've got so many to choose from ....! :)

  10. I, too, get a lot of ideas from garden tours and house walks. My husband and I frequently stop and knock on the door of houses to see if they would mind our strolling in their yard/garden. I don't think we've ever been refused. People whose yards we admire (casual, lush, full of interesting features) see to be flattered when we ask to take a closer look and many give us guided tours! I like many of the photos/pictures you selected for this post. I think I'll go back and look over your "old" posts!

  11. I love your pictures you posted, I feel the same way...trying to decide what to do in my garden ! Thanks, Gina

  12. You picked out some full, colorful gardens. I like them the fuller the better. I don't plan my gardens, though. I buy plants I like, "toss" them about until I like where they are, then plant them. Then, when something runs out of room or crowds something else, I make the needed changes. If I find holes, I fill them with annuals or other perennials.


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