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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Beginning

For some reason don't seem to have my heart into gardening this year at least so far.
I'm going through the motions and little by little the thrill is coming back.
Had to start some seedlings no matter what !!!
The Foxgloves and Poppy seeds were sent to me by T.S.,
what a great surprise on the germination...100%...many thanks.
Again this year I'll have a new "Unknown" that can be fun !

Cardinal Climbers and Firebrand Sweet Pea.

Canna Pixie, Bee Balm,Phlox(didn't germinate)Unknown something,
Tiger Eyes Black-eyed Susan Vine.

Poppies Red Mellon(lots),Unknown Cannas,Foxgloves,Dwarf Red Cosmos
and Dahlberg Yellow Daisies.


  1. Goodness, for someone not whole hog into the gardening spirit your seedlings speak otherwise, my friend! I envy your germination rates. We are fifty, fifty at best, with all kinds of lights, heat mats, incantations and a greenhouse. LOL :-)

  2. Patsi you are off to a good start anyway. Those are the first Cannas seed starts that I have ever seen. They all look wonderful.

  3. I really like those pellets for starting seeds. I got close to 100% with them last year.

  4. Patsi, I had that earlier in the season and worried that I lost my mojo for gardening and blogging! Then one day the sun came out and with it my old feelings returned. And, as Frances, on the germination rates! gail

  5. I'm glad you got your passion back - your seedlings are looking jolly healthy.
    I was a bit slow to get going this year too - mainly because I was busy with other stuff! I just need to finish cleaning my greenhouse so that I can move all my seedlings out of my living room!

  6. The seedlings are looking really healthy. For someone who doesn't feel like gardening you have done extremely well...

  7. Hi Patsi, I'm going to echo everyone else's thoughts: For someone who hasn't been "in the mood," you've been very successfully gardening! Now, take Shady G for instance. Do you see any seedlings, yet? (Well, besides the few that have started growing all by themselves in the outdoor milk-jug-greenhouses!) ;-) How's your weather??

  8. I've had the same feeling before, but like Gail said, once the sun came out so did my love of gardening. You've already got so much started, your garden is going to be beautiful.

  9. Sometimes you just have to go through the motions in order for the feeling to follow. It seems that you've gone through a lot of 'motions' there--with all those sprouting seedlings your passion is going to be back in no time! I like your profile pic too, Patsi;-) I'm assuming it isn't from 'this' year, though!?? If it is, I'm on my way up to the Jersey shore right this minute!!

  10. You seem to have done a lot for someone that isn't in the mood to garden. Once the spring fever sets in, it's harder to stop gardening.

  11. It is just the doldrums and once you get going you'll get more into it. Don't force it or you'll dread gardening even worse. Great germination rates on the seeds. I had some good luck with mine, some not so good.

    P.S. The moles and voles are different. Moles do eat grubs and worms and not vegetation. The voles eat the vegetation and are very destructive. Voles are not well known for some reason and are always confused with moles.

    Have a great weekend! It looks to be fabulous weather wise.

  12. Patsi - great seedlings!

    I know what you mean about gardening (and blogging for me, too). Sometimes, I have to take a break from it all. I work so hard in the spring that we MUST take our vacation in May to force me to stop and give the garden a chance to bloom and my mind a chance to rest--then, I can come home and enjoy the gardening and back to writing again.

  13. Profile pic is this year Jan...last week in St. Martin.
    Your right about the sunshine Gail...gotta snap out of it !
    Ah...Tina, didn't realize that about the voles,thanks.

  14. Patsi girl !! For some one not really in the "mood" you have a whole mini garden on your hands with those seedlings !
    Here I am mulling over getting some jiffy pots to do the Moon Flower vine seeds .. you left me in the dust girl : ) .. hey .. Nurse Jackie is good eh ? LOL

  15. Glad to see you back, Patsi. You had a rough winter with all the storm damage - must have been very depressing. You have made a good new "beginning" and I am sure spring will work its magic on you. Have a great gardening year. Pam x

  16. Hi Patsi;
    More sun is what you need!
    Wow I am impressed by all the babies you have started.... not in the mood? Looking forward to seeing how the spring season goes for you !

  17. I think it will halfway through the season before you look up and realize it is all smiles. What a great start you have!

  18. Well you've certainly got some seeds going anyway! They look great. I'm growing more cardinal vines from your seeds this year.

  19. You don't feel you're into gardening this year and you have flats and flats of plants?! I must be in a gardening coma: no seedlings and the garden is covered in a six inch layer of new snow.

    Christine in Alaska

  20. You have some great beginnings to plant. They all look so healthy! Maybe, once you get started and see the pretty blooms your heart will follow. :)Also, thanks for visiting my blog.

  21. It's OK to take a break, Patsi ... if and when 'the spirit' hits, you'll know it :)


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