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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Power Out !!

This is our third heavy snow fall this winter...this one is up to my knees so far !
Still coming down at 5:30pm Saturday.
Should have gotten a supply of firewood since our power went out for 5 hours this morning.
Hubby and I stayed in bed with every blanket in the house on the bed...and waited for the power to come back on.

What happened to my arborvitaes ?

Car got stuck trying to get in our driveway last night...returning home from work.
Visibility was no more than 100 feet when driving on highway.

Summer time photo of right side of backyard.

This is what it looks like now !

Can't forget the birds.

Maybe I'll bundle up and get out tomorrow to try and save the arborvitaes and some other shrubs.
Only problem is I DON"T HAVE SNOW BOOTS !!
They don't even sell snow boots in any of our stores.
Have to go through my closet...think I have a pair of cheap vinyl boots from Payless.


  1. Power outages are the pits. We have back-up plans, but it is so inconvenient, winter or summer. We don't get snow, but sometimes the wind is not our friend.

  2. How weird that you got the snow in south Jersey while we had very little in the Pocono Mountains ... usually the other way around. Mind you, I'm not complaining, but I do commiserate. We know only too well what it is like. Great pictures.

  3. Hey Patsi, sorry about your loss of power! We had the storm, too! My yard looks like yours. I took photos from inside, and 'tried' to go out but the deck wasn't shoveled off enough to see much. All of my trees are down, too, bent right over, lying on the ground. It's a very heavy snow! I have a knee injury and have to be very careful, but I am going to get out tomorrow and get some photos by walking around the yard. I will eventually post on this 'event' of the century, as they're calling it! Hard to believe we'll ever see the ground again. My gardens have about 4-6 feet of snow in them after my husband shoveled out the driveway and threw everything on top of them.

  4. Looks like you got hit pretty bad! I hope your power is back on by now!!

  5. Please stay warm and safe in the snowstorm!


  6. Oh my! I thought the snow went away by now. I was shocked to see how thick it still is. And, so sorry about the power problem.

  7. Oy, Patsi! That's the scariest thing when you can't see clear enough to drive! Not that far from you but we only got about 6"! The weight of the snow can really do damage to shrubs so hope you got your arbos cleaned off...and not experience any more power outs.

  8. Wow you got hammered. Such a contrast in the garden shots.

  9. Patsi; What amazing photos. A fav the umbrella sheltering the feeder. Tip from a northerner those shrubs will be fine don't have to brush them off.Stay in and stay warm. Still it is beautiful, but it can go now!

  10. You really got slammed. Our electric went off and on a few times but nothing major yet. Phones were out. The limbs are all bowed down like yours. I am hoping it comes off of the trees before this new storm coming in on Tuesday arrives or we will be in trouble.Stay safe and warm.

  11. Patsi, how are things now?? You are having quite the storm.... If you try to relieve your trees, be Very Gentle. They can break easily.

    I'm very interested in learning more about Pellet Stoves. We are so dependent upon electricity, aren't we? However, I hate to think about frozen pipes! Take care and keep warm!!

  12. What a lot of snow! Sorry to hear your power went out.
    What a difference in the pictures of your garden. Here as soon as a flake of snow falls every snow boot in town is bought.

  13. Those vinyl boots should work. Put on two pair of socks:)

    Hope the bushes aren't too badly damaged. The snow pulled down a lot of my lilacs. Some of them bounced back up but some didn't.

  14. Ouch, Patsi! And it's coming back, hitting us this time :)

  15. Pam,
    Can't seem to comment on your blog.
    You're more organized than I'll ever be.
    PS..your grandson is too adorable !

  16. Those snow laden arborvitaes make a beautiful shot.
    We think a couple inches of snow is a problem. Chuckle. Chuckle.

  17. Find those boots and save those babies! Sure are pretty snow pics...

  18. Good grief, Patsi! I was wondering how you were holding up. Send some of that snow our way, would you?


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