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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just in time...

Just in time for Christmas.
We only get snow maybe twice a year near the shore...nice surprize !

Enjoy Your Holidays

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A little bit of shine and PSE

Looking for color in the yard is kinda hard this time of year but I found a few plants still trying to shine.

Can't find the name for this annual Daisy Bush with fern-like foliage..
could have SWORN that I wrote down the name of everything I purchased ! :)
It was in partial sun most of the summer, then moved to full sun, and suddenly began to bloom
in October and continues today in early December.

The next 5 plants here I've shown earlier this past year...and are still looking good!

Now toying with Adode Photoshop Elements 8 (PSE)...
Original picture.
My one and only impatiens...not so clear, but it will do.

Now the "art" of deception...They call it enhancement or adjusting the the color hues, etc.
Fun tools which I may never learn how to use.
Not sure why I should use them, really.

Black and white can be interesting BUT mostly all I'll do is "crop" and adjust the "brightness" or "contrast" for this blog,
as I do when printing pictures.
Doing more than cropping etc. takes away from the reality of what I see and wish to share, but sometimes does look pretty cool.

Maybe using the variety of tools to create greeting cards is a good idea....any other ideas?
Original Pic


Now using a few paint tools and a frame. Looks like a watercolor painting.

This looks like wax. Have no idea how I did it.
Still know very little about this program but I do find it entertaining.